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<>The Extension Grade allows students who fulfill their course requirements and who attend academic support to protect their GPA if they get a D or F until they re-take the course in the next semester. The Extension Grade is available for any course for which FSU provides a structured program of academic support.

Think of the Extension Grade as grade insurance.  It insures you against a bad grade - IF you pay the premiums by doing everything you can to succeed. That includes completing all course requirements AND making use of academic support.

The Extension Grade is not available for every class. If it is, you must sign an Extension Grade Contract no later than the fifth week of the semester.  Contact your instructor or one of the academic support units at FSU for more information.

Extension Contracts, Fall 2009

The first semester of the expanded Extension Grade policy saw many positive results.  More students avoided a D or F thanks to the Extension Grade (Extension Grades Awarded).  Students who completed their Extension Grade contracts had a higher average grade and lower rate of D, F, or W than other students in the same sections (Average Grade and DFW% by Completion Status). Unfortunately, most students did not complete their Extension Grade contracts. Hopefully the benefits of doing so will encourage more students to complete them in Spring 2010. 

Extension Grades Awarded Average Grade by Completion Status
DFW by Completion Status Completion Rate
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