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Why a Tutor:

Our tutors are dedicated and trained through the National Tutoring Association.

Our tutors share their knowledge and learning strategies.

Our tutors do not make judgements on the quality of a students work.

Our tutors do not teach.

Our tutors assists in understanding various academic concepts.


Math Support Center Tutors


Cassandra Sutton, Math Tutor

Intro to College Algebra, College Algebra, Precalculus, CAlculus

PH: 910-672-1864


Briana Williams, Math Tutor

Intro to College Algebra, College Algebra



Shanell Jones, Math Tutor

Intro To College Algebra, College Algebra


Jeremy Leggett, Math Tutor

College Algebra, PreCalculus, Calculus  

PH: 910-658-2191

Teneshia Beatty, Math Tutor

College Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus

PH: 910-987-0201


Dorothy Nixon, Math Tutor

Intro to College Algebra, College Algebra

PH: 256-334-0745


Greg Simon, Math Tutor

College Algebra, Pre-Calculus

PH: 910-988-7850


Isaac Smith, Math Tutor

Any Math Course, Statistics

PH: 910-508-5470

Maurice Wingfield, Math Tutor

Algebra, PreCalculus, Calculus

PH: 910-527-2308


Prerana Bhatt, Math Tutor

College Algebra, Geometry

PH: 919-971-2246


Private Tutoring

If you think you might want a private tutor, please start by using our free tutoring service. You may be able to get your questions answered right in our office. If you decide you really want private tutoring, we can put the word out to people who might be available. You can then make arrangements privately with them.





Tutor Schedule FALL 2016-SPRING 2017 Available Soon





 NTA Tutor Code of Ethics

1.  A tutors role is to never do the student's work for him or her.

2.  The tutor will give honest feed back to the student they serve and will not insult the student with false hope or empty flattery; Tutor will always demonstrate faith in student's learning abilities.

3.  Tutor will understand that their relationship to the student is professional and not personal.

4.  Tutor will show respect for student's cultural background and personal value system.

5.  Tutor will recognize that he/she may not have all the answers to student questions.

6.  Tutor will maintain accurate records of tutoring sessions as expected and required.

7.  Tutor will respect the student's personal dignity at all times.

8.  Tutor will be on time for tutoring appointments, not onlyu out of courtesy, but to be a good example for my student to follow.

9.  Tutor will keep all information about the student they are assigned confidential.

10.  Tutor will understand that the ultimate goal is to assist the student in learning how he or she best learns and to help the student develop the skills to achieve hi or her best, most effiecient learning.

11.  Tutor will share any concerns with the supervisor of the Math Support Center.

12.  Tutor expects to learn along with the student.

13.  Tutor will keep current in both the subject areas and learning methodologies.

14.  Tutor will remain flexible to their approach to student learning, respectful of the various learning styles.

15.  Tutor will share techniques for improved study skills with the student.





























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