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Reports and Assessment

The Learning Center keeps careful track of participation in its support programs.  We also study the effect of Learning Center visits on final grades. The bottom line can be shown in the two charts below:

Table 1. Learning Center Visits and Final Grades in Supported Classes, Spring 2009 Table 2. Percent of Students in Supported Classes Who Visited the Learning Center, Spring 2009
Learningcenter grades Learningcenter usage

Support Programs:

  • CRISS: College Reading and Integrated Study Skills
  • Writing: Writing Center
  • Math: Math Lab
  • SI: Supplemental Instruction

Supported Classes:

  • CRISS: UNIV 101-102
  • Writing: ENGL 108, ENGL 110, ENGL 120
  • Math: MATH 121, MATH 123, MATH 129
  • SI: See SI Schedule for representative list.

It's simple, really:

  1. The good news: Students who visit the Learning Center do better in their classes than students who do not.
  2. The bad news: Many students who could benefit from Learning Center programs do not take advantage of its services.

The Learning Center works constantly to improve its programs and to get more students to use them. Below are some of the reports tracking Learning Center use and its effectiveness.

Learning Center Reports
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