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Extension Grade Contracts


The Extension Grade allows students who complete all course requirements, attend academic support regularly, and still earn a D or F to protect their GPA while they repeat the course the next semester.  The Extension Grade provides "grade insurance" - IF students pay the premiums by doing everything they can to succeed. For more on the Extension Grade policy, visit the FSU Undergraduate Catalog.

The Extension Grade is available for any class that has a structured program of academic support.  That includes

  • ENGL 110-120
  • MATH 121, 123, 129, 130, 131, 142
  • STAT 202
  • Any course supported by Supplemental Instruction.

To be eligible for the Extension Grade, students must request an Extension Contract early in the term: the end of the second week for eight-week courses, the end of the fifth week for semester-long courses. For Spring 2017, the deadlines are

Wednesday, September 20th (16 week course)

Wednesday, August 30th (1st 8 Week Course)

Wednesday, October 25th (2nd 8 Week Course) 

Students can request an Extension Contract one of a couple ways:

  1. In BroncoConnect. NEW!! Students in supported courses can request an Extension Contract in BroncoConnect.
    1. Log in to Canvas, click on any course, then BroncoConnect.
    2. Click on the Raise Your Hand icon.
    3. Select the appropriate Type (I want an Extension Contract in Math, Writing, or SI)
    4. Select the Course.
    5. Add any Details (optional)
    6. Click Submit.
  2. Through their instructor. NEW!! You can request an Extension Contract on behalf of a student by raising a referral in BroncoConnect:
    1. Log in to Canvas, click on any course, then BroncoConnect.
    2. Click on Students, then My Students.
    3. Select a Term and a Connection (i.e., a course you are teaching).
    4. Select the students you want to refer, then click Referral.
    5. Select the Referral (Math Center, Writing Center, Supplemental Instruction) and the Course.
    6. Under Comment, enter "Extension Contract"
    7. Click Save
However an Extension Contract is requested, the appropriate academic support coordinator will create a To-Do in BroncoConnect ("Complete Extension Grade Contract"). Students, instructors, advisors, and coaches will be able to see that a student has a contract.

Faculty can track whether a student is attending academic support by clicking on the student's folder and going to the Meetings tab. At the end of the semester, the academic support coordinator will clear the contracts of students who complete the required hours of academic support. Faculty will be able to filter to identify students who have completed the academic support portion of the Extension Contract. 

If you have questions about the Extension Grade policy, the contracts, or BroncoConnect, feel free to contact one of us.  We are your partners in student success!

University College Learning Center

Briana Murrell
Writing Center Coordinator

Phone: (910) 672-2455

Jonathan Tupuola
Math Center Coordinator

Phone: (910) 672-2456

Carmen Wade
Supplemental Instruction Coordinator

Phone: (910) 672-2007

Fall 2017 Extension Grade Contract Deadlines 

16 week classes-Wednesday, September 20th
1st 8 week classes-Wednesday, August 30th
2nd 8 week classes-Wednesday, October 25th

Steps to Completing the Extension Grade Contract

Beginning this semester, the Extension Grade Contract will be electronic in BroncoConnect.  More information will be forthcoming.

FSU Catalog Extension Grade Policy

An Extension Grade may be assigned in lieu of a final grade of D or F for undergraduate students taking any course in which the university provides a structured program of academic support. The Extension Grade may only be used the first time a student takes the course at Fayetteville State University.

The Extension Grade will be designated as "EX-D" or as "EX-F" and is not calculated into the student's Grade Point Average but will remain on the student's transcript. Any student requesting an Extension Grade must sign an Extension Grade Contract not later than the end of the fifth week of the semester, not later than the end of the first week of each summer term, or not later than the end of the second week of an eight-week term. The Extension Grade Contract will specify the course and section, the nature and duration of the academic support, and the individual or office that will verify completion of the academic support.  An Extension Grade Contract must require at least 10 hours of academic support.

To be eligible for the Extension Grade, a student must complete all requirements for the course and all requirements of academic support services. The instructor will certify completion of the course requirements, and a representative of the appropriate academic support unit will verify completion of academic support requirements. When a student receives an Extension Grade, the student must re-enroll for the course in the next semester that the student matriculates at the university. If the student does not re-enroll in the course, the Extension Grade will revert to the original grade of D or F, and will be calculated into the student's Grade Point Average.

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