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Fayetteville State University is committed to improving the communication skills of its students so that they remain competitive in the marketplace and leaders in the civic world.

The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Program at Fayetteville State University is funded by a grant from Title III.

Welcome to FSU's Writing Across the Curriculum Program. We recognize that professionals and citizens must be skilled communicators. Therefore, our mission is to support faculty in their efforts to incorporate writing of all kinds in their curricula, and to assist students engaged in projects that contain a major written component.

In a recent national survey, employers emphasized the local and national need for college graduates who have outstanding reading and writing skills, combined with an ability to forecast trends and think critically.  FSU graduates may routinely be expected to produce use these skills to write business letters, memoranda, e-mail, newsletters, reports, case studies, grant proposals, white papers, public announcements, instructions, manuals, meeting minutes, literature reviews, lesson plans, descriptions of procedures and inventory, product safety information, speeches, sermons, PowerPoint presentations, websites, posters, brochures, theatre reviews, and/or patient histories.

Reading and writing are also primary ways that citizens engage in social issues. We read about elections and foreign wars, write letters to the editor, maintain and reply to weblogs online, and develop grant proposals to finance community improvement projects.  

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