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Legal Staff Assignments

(By Subject Area)
Subject Area General Counsel Assistant General Counsel Paralegal

Accounting and Investments

Gifts, Endowments, Trust, Investments, Taxation, Audit Issues; Misuse of State Property, Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI)



Academic Affairs

Distance Learning, Student Grade Appeals, Accreditation, Early College High School


Administrators and Other EPA Personnel

EPA Personnel Issues, Letters of Appointment, Reference and Background Checks, Personal Liability and Indemnification, External Professional Activities for Pay



University's Admissions Process, Residence Status for Tuition




Student Athletes, Coaches' Contracts, NCAA and CIAA Compliance



Use of Outside Attorneys and the Office of Attorney General


Auxiliary Enterprises

Bookstore, Food Service Operations, Print Shop and Use of Facilities and Grounds



Security and Use of University Computers; Data Privacy, Internet




General University Agreements and MOU's, Independent Contracts, Specific contracts are included under the appropriate headings for the subject content of the contract. Employment contracts are found under Administrators, Athletics and Sport (Coaches'), and Faculty


Court Orders




Debt Collection

Collection of Obligations of Students, Faculty and Staff (includes Bankruptcies)



Discrimination and Harassment

Equal Opportunity, Title VII, Title IX and Sexual Harassment, EEOC Cases



Construction and/or Renovation of Facilities, Use and Rental of Buildings and Grounds



Conflict of Interest, Non-reappointment and Discharge Cases


Financial Aid to Students

Federal and State Student Financial Aid




501c (3) Affiliated Organizations, Alumni Relations



Non-immigrant and Immigrant Visas


Intellectual Property

Copyrights, Patents, Fair Use and Photocopying, Royalty Distribution, Ownership of Works, Trademarks and Licensing




Board of Trustees, Board of Governors

Law Enforcement

Constitutional Issues (Search and Seizure), Criminal Law, Motor Vehicles, Parking



Liability and Tort Claims

Releases and Waviers, Indemnification, Insurance Claims


EPA Faculty and Non-Faculty Appointment Letters, Employment Contracts, State Personnel Act, FLSA, Background Checks

Policies and Rules

Policies and Rules Governing the University

Real Property

Acquisition, Disposition or Gift of Real Property by Lease, Purchase, Easement, etc.



Contracts and Grants, Sponsored Research, Scientific Misconduct, Human Subjects Research


Regulatory Measures

Open Meetings, Public Records, Environmental Health and Safety, Occupational Health and Safety, Federal and State Laws and regulations, Local Ordinances



Academic and Disciplinary Policy and Procedures, Student Handbooks, Free Speech, Housing and Residence Life, Intramural Sports, FERPA, Student Organizations, Background Checks, Study Abroad, Foreign Students, Campus Security Act; Disability Services


Issues relating to the purchase and use of telecommunications system and the university radio station. Foe issues pertaining to broadcasting right of athletic events, See Athletics


Tuition and Fees

Imposition and expenditure of tuition and fees.

A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina