Housing & Residence Life

Housing & Residence Life Directory

NOTE: Hall Staff should always be the first point of contact.

Campus Police can be reached at (910) 672-1775 or (910) 672-1911 for emergencies.

Assitant Resident Director (ARD) On-Call #1: 910-797-6726
Assitant Resident Director (ARD) On-Call #2: 910-263-2964

Housing & Residence Life Operations:

Jason English
(Interim) Assistant Director for Residence Life for Housing Operations/Adminstration
West Campus: Harris Hall, Smith Hall, Joyner Hall, & Hood Hall

Sylvia Tigs
(Interim) Associate Director of Residence Life for Housing Operations/Conference Housing
East Campus: McLeod Hall, Renaissance Hall, New Residence Hall, & Hackley Honors Hall

Barbara Cohen 
Residence Life Administrator for Housing Operations/Special Programs
University Place Apartments Direct Report

Faculty & Staff Search/Campus Directory

Hood Hall
Hall Phone: 
Housing Specialist/Assistant Resident Director (ARD),  Neysa Wellington :  910-672-2336 
Email: nwelling@uncfsu.edu

Joyner Hall 

Housing Specialist/Assistant Resident Director (ARD), Gabrielle Davenport: 
910-672-2418 | 910-672-2412
Email:  gdavenpo@uncfsu.edu

Harris Hall
Hall Phone:
Housing Specialist/Assistant Resident Director (ARD),  Jaleen Sanders: 
910-672-1255 | 910-672-1415    
Email: jsande18@uncfsu.edu

McLeod Hall 
Hall Phone:
Assistant Resident Director (ARD), Nieema Williams: 
910-672-2807 | 910-672-1502
Email:  nwilli42@uncfsu.edu 
Resident Director (RD), Tara Melvin: 910-672-2807 | 910-672-1502 
Email: tmelvin@uncfsu.edu

Renaissance Hall 
Hall Phone: 
Front Desk: 
Assistant Resident Director (ARD), Parsell Murphy : 
Email: pmurphy7@uncfsu.edu  
Resident Director (RD), Donyell Baba :
Email: dbaba@uncfsu.edu 

New Residence Hall
Hall Phone:
Lobby/Front Desk: 
Housing Specialist/Assistant Resident Director (ARD), Sara Gordon : 910-672- 2334  | 910-672-1505 
Email: sgordo10@uncfsu.edu
Resident Director (RD), Jamerius Ludgood
910-672- 2334  | 910-672-1505
Email: jludgood@uncfsu.edu

Hackley Honors Hall 
Hall Phone: 
Housing Specialist/Assistant Resident Director (ARD), Rianna Spann: 
910-672-1770 |  910-672-1968
Email: rspann2@uncfsu.edu

University Place Apartments (UPA) 
Hall Phone: 
Front Desk: 
Housing Specialist/Assistant Resident Director (ARD), Kyrah Davis 
Email: kdavis64@uncfsu.edu
Housing Specialist/Assistant Resident Director (ARD), Anthony Averett: 910-672-2324
Email: aaverett@uncfsu.edu   
Residence Life Administrator,  Barbara Cohen 910-672-1089  

Smith Hall

Housing Specialist/Assistant Resident Director (ARD), Dzyare Chisholm:  910-672-1444 | 910-672-1529
Email: dchisho1@uncfsu.edu

Housing Administrative Offices: 

C'errol Bates
Housing Specialist/Administrative Services

Candace Jackson
Administrative Services

Housing Maintenance Staff:

Fred Stamps 
Housing Maintenance Supervisor

John Bethea
Maintenance Team Personnel

Malachi Locklear
Maintenance Team Personnel


Jeremiah Thompson
Maintenance Team Personnel


All Housing & Residence Life Staff Reports To:

Adrina Russell
Director of  Residence Life

Maintenance, ITS, & Laundry Facilities

Laundry Service

If your community washer or dryer, is out of order, or has any issues, please submit a request at: http://servicerequest.asicampuslaundry.com/ServiceRequest.aspx

For University Place Apartments (UPA) use the link here

You can also download the CSCPay Mobile app, available on the Apple store & Google Play store. Once downloaded:

  1.  Create a profile
  2. Go to 'MORE'

Please use the 6 digit number/letter combination that is on the machine to submit the request, i.e. 677-CLL

Submitting A Maintenance Request

  • Submit a Residence Hall Maintenance Request for your individual hall, by clicking the link below:
    ex. If you live in University Place Apartments (UPA) you will find the University Place Apartments (UPA) maintenance request link.

*If the request has not been addressed within 24-48 hours, please contact:

Housing Maintenance Supervisor
Fred Stamps:
Email: fstamps@uncfsu.edu

Maintenance Team Personnel
John Bethea

Maintenance Team Personnel
Malachi Locklear

Maintenance Team Personnel
Jeremiah Thompson

Director of Residence Life
Adrina Russell: 910-672-2116
Email: arussell@uncfsu.edu

*During regular business for further assistance. 

ITS Request

If you experience issues with the cable, internet service, and/or Wi-Fi, please contact the Department of Information Technology for further assistance at:
(910) 672-4357 or submit a request online at:

Reporting a Vending Machine Issue:

To report vending machines issues call:

910.672.1735 or 910.672.1762.

The number connects you directly with the Vending Office where you can explain the problem to a staff person. The more information you can give them about the problem, the faster they can correct it.

If after normal business hours, please leave a message on their voice mail system.

Residence Life Community Meetings & Community Updates

Please attend the next Residence Life Community Meeting(s):

Spring 2020 Housing Applications:

PRIORITY Application Dates: September 6, 2019 - November 1, 2019 | Apply via MyHousing Portal (Housing Portal)

LATE Application Dates: November 2, 2019 - January 3, 2020 (space permitting) | Apply via MyHousing Portal (Housing Portal)

Disclaimer: This is not housing for the 2020-2021 academic year. This application is open to any new/incoming student for the Spring 2020 semester. 


To learn about Residence Life organizations & programs, click here (Bronco Advantage).

Important Dates 2019-2020

Academic Calendar 

JANUARY (2020)

  • 1ST: New Years Day - University Closed
  • 2ND: University opens
  • 10TH: Halls re-open (for Spring 2020)
  • 13TH: (Spring 2020) Classes start
  • 20TH: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday - University closed



 MARCH (2020)

  •  9TH-13TH: Spring Break

APRIL (2020)

  • 6TH: Class registration starts
  • 7TH: Founders Day
  • 10TH: Good Friday - University closed
  • 13TH: Summer II: Registration begins
  • 30TH: Last day of classes

MAY (2020)

  •  1ST-7TH: Finals
  • 25TH: Memorial Day - University closed
  • 31ST: Summer I: Residence Halls open at 12 PM (noon)

JUNE (2020)

  •  1ST: Summer I: First day of classes
  • 26TH: Summer I: Last day of classes
  • *27TH: Summer I: Residence Halls close at 12 PM (noon)

    *Students attending Summer School I and Summer School II do not have to check out between sessions

JULY (2020)

  • 5TH: Residence Halls open at 12 PM (noon)
  • 6TH: Summer II: First day of classes/Late registration begins
  • 8TH: Late registration ends
  • 9TH: Course withdrawals begin | University withdrawals begin
  • 17TH: Last day for University withdrawals
  • 20TH: Student refunds
  • 31ST: Summer II: Last day of classes/ Final Exams

AUGUST (2020)

  • 1ST: Summer II: Residence Halls close at 12 PM (noon)



OCTOBER (2020)










First Time Freshman & Transfer/New Admit Information

Residence Halls
New Student Information


Summer I: May 31, 2020 starting at 12 PM
Summer II: July 5, 2020 starting at 12 PM


Click Here for Housing Application Instructions  

Phase I:

1.     SUBMIT required information to FSU's Student Health Services (located in the Spaulding Building)
2.     FAFSA MUST be on file or follow up with FSU's Office of Financial Aid

We review your student records and verify  that you  are making progress in all of the Phase I areas before you move into Phase II for Housing.   This process may take a few days to a few weeks,  is dependent upon your input

Phase II:

3.     MUST SIGN/READ the Housing Contract on the MyHousing Portal
- you will choose/confirm your roommate/room assignment during this step
-MyHousing Portal Instructions
 NOTE: Login credentials are your:  FSU Student Username (ex. username@broncos.uncfsu.edu) & Password; Look up Here  

4.     MUST PAY the NON-REFUNDABLE $125.00 housing fee through the MyHousing Portal ONLINE ONLY

Please be aware that this a HOUSING APPLICATION FEE, not a deposit. A Housing Application Fee is a service for processing the application.  

NOTE: The ONLY payments accepted are DEBIT/CREDIT cards (Mastercard, Visa, pre-paid debit cards) through our online Housing Portal; NO OTHER METHODS OF PAYMENT will be accepted. If you will be using a pre-paid card it is recommended to have a total of $130, due to various fees that are associated with pre-paid cards. 

5.     REVIEW the housing items What to Bring list and start preparing

6.     RESOLVE any pending items with Student Health, Financial Aid, or class registration

*If you are under 18 years old, your parent/guardian will need to electronically sign off on your application for it to be submitted and considered complete. 

Phase III:

7. RECEIVE Welcome Letter and specific move in instrucitons

8. VISIT the ResLife wepage for updates

9. CHECK your FSU Banner student account for accuracy

10. CONTACT and get to know your roommate (if applicable)

11. PREPARE to move into your new HOME

LiveSafe App
Student Property Insurance - NSSI
Operation ID - Property Inventory Sheet

First Steps (New Student Orientation)
LEAP Program
Housing & Residence Life: Guide for Residential Living 
Housing & Residence Life: What to Bring & FAQ 
Move-In: What to Bring
Dining Meal Plan Information 
Campus Map
Bronco Card Office (One Card Office) 
Residence Halls

Move-In Dates & Times

Any student who needs accomodations to move-in earlier than the dates listed, can contact their specific Resident Director (RD) and/or Ms. Sylvia Tigs, sltigs01@uncfsu.edu

Resident Director (RD) information can be found in the Housing & Residence Life Directory tab above.



Summer I: May 31, 2020 starting at 12 PM

Summer II: July 5, 2020 starting at 12 PM

Local Housing Options

Looking for Housing?

With on-campus housing being full, we want to do whatever we can to assist you in finding a great location off-campus that can meet your needs. 

Below, is a list of alternative housing options for students who are looking for short-term, and/or longer term lodging.Please click the names, to go to the sites for housing options:

ForRent University
Comfort Inn - Special FSU Pricing

Important Note:

Please be advised that the housing references listed are offered as a courtesy service for your convenience.  The University takes no responsibility for screening or approving off-campus student housing and is in no way involved in any communication which may arise between parties. 

Local Transportation Options

Below, is a list of transportation options for students.

Please click the names, to go to the sites for options:

Fayetteville FAST Bus
Fayetteville Regional Airport
Uber (App)
Lyft (App)
Flight Bookings & Car Rental Services
Turo (App)

Important Note:

Please be advised that the references listed are offered as a courtesy service for your convenience.  The University takes no responsibility for screening or approving transportation, and is in no way involved in any communication which may arise between parties. 

Food/Meal Delivery

Below is a list of various restaurants & sites that have meal/food delivery, in the surrounding area:

Important Note:
Please be advised that the references listed are offered as a courtesy service for your convenience.  The University takes no responsibility for screening or approving of the above entities, and is in no way involved in any communication which may arise between parties.