Housing & Residence Life

Whether you choose to live in one of FSU's on campus housing locations or off campus, make FSU your home!

Move-In Information

First Year Students (Freshman) & Transfers:

Saturday, August 18, 2018: 
Move-In is by LAST NAME

A-E: @8AM - 9AM
F-K: @9AM - 10AM
L-P: @10AM - 11AM
Q-Z: @11AM - 12PM

Returning & Upperclassman Students:

Monday, August 20, 2018:
@12PM - 7PM

*Early Arrivals, contact your Advisor or Group Sponsor for move-in dates & times.

Move-In: What To Bring On Campus

Housing & Residence Life: Guide For Residential Living

Local Housing Options

Looking for Housing?

With on-campus housing being full, we want to do whatever we can to assist you in finding a great location off-campus that can meet your needs. Please review our "local housing options" tab.

Important Note:

Please be advised that the housing references listed are offered as a courtesy service for your convenience.  The University takes no responsibility for screening or approving off-campus student housing and is in no way involved in any communication which may arise between parties. 

Below, is a list of alternative housing options for students who are looking for short-term, and/or longer term lodging.

Please click the names, to go to the sites for housing options:


ForRent University




Emergency/Inclement Weather Information


Fayetteville State University is experiencing adverse weather conditions. Your safety is important to us, therefore please do not report to campus prior to these dates:

Residential Facilities re-open: 12 (noon) on, Sunday, September 23rd
Classes resume: 8 AM, Monday, September, 24th

If campus conditions change, this notice will be updated. 
Read more at: UNCFSU Emergency Management/Notification

A limited number of Residence Life staff are assisting with emergency operations and may not immediately respond to calls/emails.

If this is a campus emergency please contact FSU Police & Public Safety at: 910-672-1775

Be Safe!

Emergency Preparedness Kit:  

Battery operated flashlight w/extra batteries
Battery operated radio w/extra batteries
First aid kit
Drinking water (1 gallon/person/day)
Medication for three (3) days
Bedding (Sleeping bags and pillows)

Personal hygiene Items [for at least three (3) days]:

Manual can opener
Extra eye glasses/contacts
Cell phones and chargers
Non-perishable snacks  

Important Personal Items

Car keys
Campus and area maps
Documents: driver's license, Social Security card, proof of residence, insurance policies, wills, deeds, birth and marriage certificates, tax records, etc.
Keep vehicle filled with fuel

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Philosophy & Mission


The Student Development Approach serves as a guide for the Residence Life Program at Fayetteville State university. The philosophy of our residence halls is education. The Learning Environments in the residence halls support the educational mission of the institution. The Department of Housing & Residence Life is committed to providing residents with a well-rounded experience through non-classroom learning experiences. Therefore, the residential setting can and does play a significant role in the development of the "whole" student. These elements that contribute to a positive educational environment. This student development approach is characterized by the following:  

1.       Acceptance of the belief that individuals develop in stages that are sequential, cumulative, increasingly complex, and qualitatively different.

2.       Acceptance of the students as the principal agent for change.

3.       A belief that the role of the residence hall staff is to assist students in accomplishing goals that they have set for themselves.

4.       Recognition that one must consider the development of the whole individual, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.    


The department of Housing & Residence Life works diligently to provide a comfortable and safe environment structured to enhance that academic climate at Fayetteville State University. We dedicated to integrating education and out of class learning while providing opportunities for leadership, citizenship, and campus involvement.

Connect FSU

Connect FSU

 Housing & Residence Life utilizes the connect FSU learning outcome model in reference to our community event programming. This model supports FSU mission statement & core values. Additionally, enforces Division of Student Affairs & Residence Life goals and philosophy. Lastly, this aligns with the Council For Advancement Of Standards In Higher Education. Every event and initiative in our residential communities are linked to one of the 5 Learning Outcomes below:

Care & Civility:

  • Learn to engage in critical thinking aimed at making sound decisions. 
  • Understand the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices. 
  • Understand the rules, regulations, and procedures of the university. 
  • Participate in service learning opportunities aimed at enhancing their knowledge of what it means to be civically responsible.

Faculty & Social Engagement:

  • Be aware of and utilize the resources available through various university offices.
  • Develop interpersonal social skills, and habits that are essential to success at the university.
  • Engage in opportunities to meet with faulty and students outside of the classroom setting.
  • Learn to develop meaning and healthy personal and professional relationships.

Cultural Responsibility:

  • Collaborate with individuals from diverse ethnic, socials, and cultural backgrounds. 
  • Enhance their knowledge of history and traditions of diverse groups of people, and how social differences have changed over time. Develop an understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of diversity.

Scholastic Achievement:

  • Strengthen study habits and improve basic skills needed to demonstrate academic success.
  • Understand different learning styles.Identify and utilize various campus academic resources.
  • Understand how to use and locate university printed resources (ex. University Catalog, Code of Conduct, etc.)

University Pride:

  • Engage in activities that engage their knowledge of FSU history.
  • Understand the importance of positive representation of the University.
  • Participate in opportunities that promote FSU Spirit.
  • Engage in opportunities to develop leadership skills and BRONCO Pride.

Submitting A Maintenance Request

  • Submit a Residence Hall Maintenance Request at:

Maintenance Request Link
(Please Click the Link Above)

In Case of Emergency

Please Contact the Community Front Desk Immediately  
(Loss of Power, Flooding, Safety Issues, Security Issues\locks, Non-Working Toilet, No Heat/No Air conditioning.)

If this is an emergency after regular business or on the weekend please contact your community staff for further assistance. 

If the request has not been addressed within 24 hours, please contact Williams Hall, the Department of Housing & Residence Life at:
(910) 672-1884 during regular business for further assistance.     


ITS Request

If you experience issues with the cable, internet service, and/or Wi-Fi, please contact the Department of Information Technology for further assistance at:
(910) 672-4357 or submit a request online at:

Laundry Service

If your community washer or dryer, is out of order, or has any issues, please submit a request at: http://servicerequest.asicampuslaundry.com/ServiceRequest.aspx