Housing & Residence Life

NEW students interested in on-campus housing for FALL 2021, please complete the Housing Interest Form located in the First Time Freshmen & New Admit tab below!

Housing & Residence Life Directory

For Emergencies: 

Campus Police can be reached at (910) 672-1775 or (910) 672-1911 for emergencies.

 Assistant Resident Director (ARD) On-Call #1: 910-797-6726
Assistant Resident Director (ARD) On-Call #2: 910-263-2964

Faculty & Staff Search/Campus Directory

The Department of Housing & Residence Life is a part of the Division of Student Affairs

Ms. Adrina Russell, 
Director of Residence Life

Ms. Sylvia Tigs, sltigs01@uncfsu.edu
Interim Associate Director of Residence Life & Univeristy Place Apartments (UPA)

Ms. Tara Melvin, tmelvin@uncfsu.edu
Assistant Director of Residence Life Operations & Student Housing Applications, Assignments and Billing

Mr. Jason English, jenglis1@uncfsu.edu
Residence Life Administrator for Special Projects & Community Director of West Campus Facilities

Ms. Barbara Cohen, bcohen@uncfsu.edu
Residence Life Administrator for Residence Hall Association (RHA) & Community Director of McLeod Hall

Ms. Donyell Baba, dbaba@uncfsu.edu
Residence Life Administrator for Residential Programming & Community Director of Renaissance Hall

Mr. Jamerius Ludgood, jludgood@uncfsu.edu
Residence Life Administrator for Living Learning Communities & Community Director of Hackley Honors Hall

Mr. Darien Little, dlittl4@uncfsu.edu
Housing Specialist for Student Communications

EAST Campus:

McLeod Hall 
Hall On-Call Phone:
Hall Office Phone: 910-672-2807 | 910-672-1502 
Assistant Resident Director (ARD), Ms. Asia Potts
Email: apotts1@uncfsu.edu
Graduate Assistant: 

Renaissance Hall 
Hall On-Call Phone: 
Front Desk: 
Hall Office Phone: 
910-672-1252 | 910-672-2295    
Assistant Resident Director (ARD),
Graduate Assistant:

New Residence Hall
Hall On-Call Phone:
Lobby/Front Desk: 
Office Number: 910-672- 2334  | 910-672-1505
Housing Specialist: Pending
Email: Pending

Hackley Honors Hall 
Hall On-Call Phone: 
Hall Office Phone: 
910-672-1770 |  910-672-1968
Assistant Resident Director (ARD), Ms. Nieema Williams 
Email: nwilli42@uncfsu.edu
Graduate Assistant: 

WEST Campus:

Hood Hall
Hall On-Call Phone: 910-797-8628
Hall Office Phone: 910-672-2336
Assistant Resident Director (ARD),
Email: Pending

Joyner Hall
Hall On-Call Phone:
Hall Office Phone:
Assistant Resident Director (ARD),
Email: Pending

Smith Hall
Hall On-Call Phone: 
Hall Office Phone:
Assistant Resident Director (ARD), Mr. Jaleel Mott
Email: jmott1@uncfsu.edu

University Place Apartments (UPA) 
Hall On-Call Phone: 
Front Desk: 
Hall Office Phone: 
910-672-2324 | 910-672-1089
Housing Specialist, Mr. Anthony Averett
Email: aaverett@uncfsu.edu
Assistant Resident Director (ARD)

Housing Information Sessions, Housing Application Dates & Move-In Dates

Summer and Fall 2021 Housing Information Sessions

CURRENT/RETURNING STUDENTS: Housing Information Session Powerpoint
This Powerpoint highlights the key points of the Housing Information Sessions


  • Friday, March 19th at 12pm (noon)
  • Monday, March 22nd at 6pm
  • Wednesday March 24th at 4pm
  • Friday, March 26th at 12pm (noon)
  • Monday, March 29th at 6pm
  • Tuesday, March 30th at 4pm
  • Wednesday, March 31st at 4pm
  • Thursday, April 1st at 12pm (noon)
  • Tuesday, April 6th: 4:00 pm 
  • Thursday, April 8th: 12:00 pm (noon)
  • Wednesday, April 14th: 4:00 pm 
  • Friday, April 16th: 12:00 (noon)
  • Tuesday, April 20th: 4:00 pm 
  • Thursday, April 22nd: 12:00 (noon) 

For NEW/INCOMING students:


  • Monday, May 10, 2021 - 6:30pm
  • Tuesday, May 11, 2021 - 6:30pm
  • Saturday, May 15, 2021 - 6:30pm
  • Monday, May 17, 2021 - 6:30pm
  • Tuesday, May 18, 2021 - 6:30pm
  • Saturday, June 5, 2021 - 6:30pm
  • Monday, June 7, 2021 - 6:30pm
  • Tuesday, June 8, 2021 - 6:30pm
  • Monday, June 14, 2021 - 6:30pm
  • Tuesday, June 15, 2021 - 6:30pm
  • Monday, June 28, 2021 - 6:30pm
  • Tuesday, June 29, 2021 - 6:30pm

2021 Returning/Current Student Housing Process

Returning student dates are April 5th - April 30th for priority housing.

Extended late housing request accepted until June 30th or as long as spaces are available.

To apply for housing returning students: 

  • Must be registered for classes and
  • Must be in good standing academically and financially
  • Must be clear of any judicial sanctions and/or Residence Life fines

Once the Housing Portal Opens you can apply, pay your $125 fee and conduct room selection of available spaces. The Housing Portal will open on the following dates for the groups below:

  • Registered Seniors with 90 or more credit hours in Fall 2021: April 5th - 9th
  • Registered Juniors with 60 - 89 cumulative hours for Fall 2021: April 12th-16th
  • Registered Sophomores with 30 - 59 cumulative hours for Fall 2021: April 19th -23rd
  • Returning Freshman and late returning studentsApril 26th -30th

Students who are applying for ADA Accommodations need to complete their paperwork with the Disability Services Unit of the FSU Counseling Center before priority housing closes for returning students.

Summer Housing

Summer Housing applications are open April 5th

  • MayMester Housing application deadline  and payment window is April 30th
  • Summer I Housing application deadline and payment window is May 30th
  • Summer II Housing application deadline and payment window is June 30th

Students enrolled in classes can have their housing/meal plan charges added to their student account.

Students NOT enrolled in classes but seeking summer housing will be invoiced and must pay the full amount prior to moving  in or staying over after the Spring semester ends.  

Attend at least one of the (mandatory) Housing Information Session to receive more information. 

Move-In Dates/Times:

*Fall 2021

All FSU Students will be required to complete health screenings prior to residence hall move-in.

This move in appointment request is for both your health screening appointment and your residence hall move-in.

Step 1: Health Screening
Step 2: Residence Hall move-in
Both occur on the same day, within the same hour

Please note, due to the increased safety measures and the health screening requirements, we can only accept move-in appointments during the days/times listed:

FALL 2021: Move-In Appointment Link
To set your move-in appointment, please click the link above and complete the form. Please use your FSU email and password to access the form.

  • Aug. 12 - Check-in for NEW STUDENTS
  • Aug. 16 - Check-in for CURRENT/RETURNING STUDENTS

*All dates/times and information are subject to changes 

Resident Assistant (RA) Recruitment 2021-2022

Resident Assistant Recruitment Drive 2021-22 Timeline

For any questions/concerns about the R.A. recruitment process, please email Ms. Melvin at tmelvin@uncfsu.edu

  1. Complete Online Interest Form - April 12- April 21, 2021
    Students interested in becoming an RA may complete the online interest form on the Residence Life website (closed)

    *Interest Sessions - April 19-April 21, 2021
    -Monday, April 19, 2021 - 4:00pm
    -Tuesday, April 20, 2021 - 2:00pm
    -Wednesday, April 21, 2021 - 4:00pm

  2. Individual and Community Interviews - April 22- April 30, 2021
    *Interview Committee Interviews

    -Thursday and Friday, April 22 - 23, 2021
    -Monday and Tuesday April 26-27, 2021
    Interview times are as follows: 10:00am - 12:00pm (noon); 1:00pm - 4:45pm. All interviews will be in 25-minute increments with the interview committee.

    *Community Interviews
    -Wednesday-Friday, April 28 - 30, 2021
    Interviews will be conducted by community teams and will be scheduled with the teams.

  3. Notification Email and Offer Letters - May 10 - May 14, 2021

  4. RA Offer Acceptance Week - May 17 - May 21, 2021
    Prospective candidates will receive specific instructions via email and complete requested documents for employment packet.

  5. RA Position Start Date and Summer Online Onboarding - July 15 - August 1, 2021
    2021-22 Resident Assistants will begin position onboarding and online training.

  6. 2021 Resident Assistant Check-In/Report to Campus - Monday, August 2, 2021
    All Resident Assistants are required to report to campus for check-in and in-person training week.
Important Dates

Academic Calendar 


*Spring 2021

  • Spring 2021 Eight Week One (January 25, 2021 - March 16, 2021)
  • Spring 2021 Eight Week Two (March 17, 2021 - May 7, 2021)
  • Spring 2021, Residence Hall check-in is January 20-January 23, 2021
  • Students taking Summer I and Summer II, or Maymester to Summer I, etc. they will not have to move-off campus; they will stay in their same assignment for both/all sessions.


01/11/21 Monday: University opens

01/20/21 Wednesday: First day of regular Residence Hall check-in

01/24/21 Sunday: Registration ends

01/25/21 Monday: First day of class/Late registration begins ($20.00 fee)

01/23/21 Saturday: Last day of regular Residence Hall check-in

01/25-29/21: LATE Residence Hall check-in

01/29/21 Friday: Late registration ends


02/01/21 Monday: Course withdrawals begin

02/01/21 Monday: University withdrawal begins

02/03/21 Wednesday: Deadline for bill clearance 10:00 am; Drop for nonpayment at 12:00 pm

02/05/21 Friday: Census

02/12/21 Friday: Student refunds


03/15/21 Monday: Midterms begin

03/19/21 Friday: Midterms end

03/19/21 Friday: Deadline for Spring/Summer I 2021 Course Entry

03/24/21 Wednesday: Midterm grades due

03/26/21 Friday: Good Friday - University open

03/30/21 Tuesday: Founders' Day


04/02/21 Friday: Last day for course withdrawals | Good Friday - University closed

04/05/2021 Monday: Class Registration begins

04/05/2021 Monday: Summer & Fall 2021 housing applications open

04/06/21 Monday: Summer II 2021 and Fall 2021 registration begins

04/11/21-04/18/21: Rodeo Week

*04/12/21: Resident Assistant (RA) Applications/Process

04/16/21 Friday: Last day for university withdrawals

04/26/21 Monday: Finals begin for Graduate and Doctoral graduating students

04/30/21 Thursday: Last day of class before finals begin

04/30/21 Friday: Finals end for Graduate and Doctoral graduating students

04/30/21 Friday: Finals begin for all others


05/06/21 Thursday: Commencement rehearsal for Graduate/Doctoral Students

05/06/21 Thursday: Finals end for all others

*05/07/21 Friday: Undergraduate Commencement rehearsal
*Non-graduating students who reside in on-campus housing MUST be checked out of the Residence Halls by 8 PM on May 7 2021

05/07/21-05/10/21: Maymester Move-in

*05/08/21 Saturday: Undergraduate Commencement at the Crown Coliseum 
*Graduating students/participants who reside in on-campus housing MUST be checked out of the Residence Halls by 8 PM on May 8 2021

05/10/2021 Monday: Maymester classes start

05/17/21 Monday: Academic standing posted to student records

05/17/21 Monday: Academic Standing notifications sent to students

05/21/21: Maymester classes end

05/28/21-06/01/21: Summer I move-in 


06/01/21: Summer I classes start

06/28/21: Summer I classes end

06/30/2021 Wednesday: On Campus Housing priority applications end 


07/02/21-07/06/21: Summer II move-in

07/06/21: Summer II classes start

*All dates/times and information are subject to changes & tentative

*Fall 2021

  • Fall 2021 Eight Week One (August 18, 2021 - October 9, 2021)
  • Fall 2021 Eight Week Two (October 16, 2021 - December 10, 2021 )
  • *Fall 2021 Residence Hall check-in is August 12-16, 2021


08/02/21: Summer II classes end

08/03/21: Check-out for Summer II 
All on-campus Summer II students must be checked out of the residence halls regardless if they are on-campus students for Fall 2021

*08/12/2021 Thursday: New Students Housing check-in

*08/16/2021 Monday: Returning Students Housing check-in

08/17/2021 Tuesday: Registration ends

08/18/2021 Wednesday: First day of class/Late registration begins ($20.00 fee)

08/24/2021 Tuesday: Late registration ends

08/25/2021 Wednesday: Course withdrawals begin

08/25/2021 Wednesday: University withdrawals begin

08/26/2021 Thursday: Deadline for bill clearance 10:00 am, Drop for nonpayment at 5:00 pm

08/31/2021 Tuesday: Census Deadline to add/remove non-attendance grade;10:00 am Drop for nonattendance courses; 12:00 pm


09/08/2021 Wednesday: Student Refunds

09/03/2021 Monday: Labor Day - University closed

09/14/2021 Tuesday: Convocation


10/07/2021 Thursday: Midterms begin

10/13/2021 Wednesday: Midterms end

10/14/2021 Thursday: Fall Break begins; Midterm grades due

10/15/2021 Friday: Fall Break ends

10/22/2021 Friday: Last day for course withdrawals

10/30/2021 Saturday: Homecoming


*11/01/2021 Monday: Housing commitment deadline for Spring 2022

11/1/2021 Monday: Spring Class Registration begins

11/02/2021 Monday: Spring/Summer 2021 registration begins

11/05/2021 Friday: Last day for university withdrawals

11/11/2021 Thursday: Veteran's Day - University closed

11/25/2021 Thursday: Thanksgiving Holiday - University closed

11/26/2021 Friday: Thanksgiving Holiday - University closed


12/03/2021 Friday: Last day of class

12/06/2021 Monday: Final exams begin

12/10/2021 Friday: Final exams end

*12/11/2021 Saturday: Residence Halls close for the semester

12/15/2021 Wednesday: Final and incomplete grades due for all students from Spring/Summer 2020

12/24/2021 Friday: Christmas Eve holiday - University closed

12/25/2021 Saturday: Christmas Day holiday - University closed

12/27/2021 Monday: Christmas break - University closed

12/28/2021 Tuesday: Christmas break - University closed

12/29/2021 Wednesday: Christmas break - University closed

12/30/2021 Thursday: Christmas break - University closed

12/31/2021 Friday: Christmas break - University closed

*All dates/times and information are subject to changes & tentative

*Spring 2022

  • Spring 2022 Eight Week One (January 12, 2022 - March 4, 2022)
  • Spring 2022 Eight Week Two (March 14 2022 - May 6, 2022)
  • *Spring 2022  Residence Hall check-in is Jan. 7 2022


11/1/2021 Monday: Spring Class Registration begins


*01/07/2022 Friday: Residence Halls check-in

01/11/2022 Tuesday: Class Registration ends

01/12/2022 Wednesday: First day of class/Late registration begins ($20.00 fee)

01/17/2022 Monday: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - University closed

01/19/2022 Wednesday: Late registration ends

01/19/2022 Wednesday: Last day to submit course audits

01/20/2022 Thursday: Course withdrawals begin

01/20/2022 Thursday: University withdrawal begins

01/21/2022 Friday: Deadline for bill clearance 10:00 am

01/26/2022 Wednesday: Census


02/03/2022 Thursday: Student refunds

02/28/2022 Monday: Midterms begin


03/04/2022 Friday: Midterms end

03/07/2022 Monday: Spring Break begin

03/09/2022 Wednesday: Midterm grades due

03/11/2022 Friday: Spring Break ends

03/30/2022 Wednesday: Last day for course withdrawals


04/04/2022 Monday: Fall 2022 registration begins

*04/04/2022 Monday: On Campus Housing applications begin

04/05/2022 Tuesday: Founders' Day

04/15/2022 Friday: Good Friday - University closed

04/20/2022 Wednesday: Last day for university withdrawals

04/28/2022 Thursday: Last day of class before finals begin

04/29/2022 Friday: Final exams begin


05/04/2022 Thursday: Commencement rehearsal for Graduate/Doctoral Students

05/05/2022 Thursday: Final exams end

05/06/2022 Friday: Undergraduate Commencement rehearsal

05/07/2022 Saturday: Undergraduate Commencement

*05/07/2022 Saturday: Residence Halls close for the semester

05/11/2022 Wednesday: Final and incomplete grades due for all other students at 5:00 pm

*All dates/times and information are subject to changes & tentative

First Time Freshman & New Admit/Transfer Information

Residence Halls

FALL 2021: NEW STUDENT Housing Interest Form

New students interested in on-campus housing for FALL 2021, please click the link above to complete the Housing Interest Form.

 Housing Application Instructions Powerpoint

Phase I:
1.     SUBMIT required information to FSU's Student Health Services (located in the Spaulding Building) and Admissions

Student Health Services: (910) 672-1259 | healthservices2@uncfsu.edu
Admissions: (910) 672-1371 | admissions@uncfsu.edu

2.     FAFSA MUST be on file or follow up with FSU's Office of Financial Aid for more information

Financial Aid: 910-672-1325 | finaid@uncfsu.edu

Phase II:

3.     *MUST SIGN/READ the housing contract and complete the housing application on the MyHousing Portal

 NOTE: Login credentials are your:  FSU Student Username (ex. username@broncos.uncfsu.edu) & Password; Look up Here  

4.     *MUST PAY the NON-REFUNDABLE $125.00 housing fee through the MyHousing Portal ONLINE ONLY

Please be aware that this a HOUSING APPLICATION FEE, not a deposit. A Housing Application Fee is a service for processing the application.  

NOTE: The ONLY payments accepted are DEBIT/CREDIT cards (Mastercard, Visa, pre-paid debit cards) through our online Housing Portal; NO OTHER METHODS OF PAYMENT will be accepted. If you will be using a pre-paid card it is recommended to have a total of $130, due to various fees that are associated with pre-paid cards. 

5.     REVIEW the housing items What to Bring list and start preparing to move on campus

6.     RESOLVE any pending items with Student Health, Financial Aid, or class registration

NOTE: Please contact your academic advisor for assistance with classes and class registration

*If you are under 18 years old, your parent/guardian will need to electronically sign off on your application for it to be submitted and considered complete. 

Phase III:

7. RECEIVE Welcome Letter/Email and specific move instructions

8. VISIT the ResLife webpage for updates

9. CHECK your FSU Banner student account, emails, Financial Aid and class registration for accuracy

10. CONTACT and get to know your roommate (if applicable)

11. PREPARE to move into your new HOME

Our Residence Halls - Photo Gallery

Take a look at our Residence Halls! By clicking on the hall names, you will be redirected to the individual page with information about hall amenities and much more!

Residence Hall Rates 

McLeod Hall

Renaissance Hall

New Residence Hall

Hackley Honors Hall

University Place Apartments (UPA) 

Maintenance, ITS, & Laundry Facilities

Submitting A Maintenance Request

Submit a Maintenance Request by clicking the link below:
Maintenance Link

NOTE: You must sign in with your University credentials (FSU email and password) to access the maintenance form.

Residence Hall Maintenance is managed by FSU Facility Maintenance Department.*If the request has not been addressed within 48-72  hours, please contact your Hall Staff

Laundry Maintenance Request

If your community washer or dryer, is out of order, or has any issues, please submit a request at: https://www.cscsw.com/request-service/

You can also download the CSCPay Mobile app, available on the Apple store & Google Play store. Once downloaded:

  1. Create a profile
  2. Go to 'MORE'

Please use the 6 digit number/letter combination that is on the machine to submit the request, ex. 677-CLL

ITS Request 

If you experience issues with the cable, internet service, and/or Wi-Fi, please contact ITS for further assistance at:

(910) 672-4357 or submit a request online at: 

Housing & Residence Life Community Updates

Academic Calendar 

Student Health Services 

Any new or transfer student that will be residing on campus and/or taking five or more credit hours on the main campus, must complete and turn in required medical information :

Student Health Services will need:

  • Proof of required immunizations
  • A medical history form
  • A complete physical (if you are residing in the residence halls )
  • Provide proof of a credible health insurance
    Students may either enroll into Student Blue Health insurance or waive it since they have another insurance carrier. 

Students should call (910) 672-1259 if they have questions or need forms and they may send their information via email to healthservices2@uncfsu.edu or secure fax at (910) 672-1366.

Local Housing, Transportation & Storage Facility Options

Looking for local housing,transportation, or storage facilities near the University?

We want to do whatever we can to assist you in finding a great location off-campus, local transportation and storage facilities that can meet your needs. 

Local Housing Options:

Below, is a list of alternative housing options for students who are looking for short-term, and/or longer term lodging. Please click the names, to go to the sites for housing options:

ForRent University
Comfort Inn - Special FSU Pricing

Local Transportation:

Below, is a list of transportation options for students. Please click the names, to go to the sites for options:

Fayetteville FAST Bus
Fayetteville Regional Airport
Uber (App)
Lyft (App)
Flight Bookings & Car Rental Services
Turo (App)
Amtrak Train

Local Storage Facilities:

Below is a list of local storage facilities for students who may need to store their belongings over extended breaks (i.e. Summer). Please click the names, to go to the sites for options :

American Flag Self Storage
Fayetteville Storage
SecurCare Self Storage
ExtraSpace Storage

Important Note:

Please be advised that the references listed are offered as a courtesy service for your convenience.  The University takes no responsibility for screening or approving off-campus student housing or entities and is in no way involved in any communication which may arise between parties. 

Food/Meal Delivery

Below is a list of various restaurants & sites that have meal/food delivery, in the surrounding area:

Important Note:
Please be advised that the references listed are offered as a courtesy service for your convenience.  The University takes no responsibility for screening or approving of the above entities, and is in no way involved in any communication which may arise between parties.