Housing & Residence Life

The Department of Housing and Residence Life works diligently to provide a comfortable and safe environment structured to enhance the academic climate at Fayetteville State University.

Our communities are dedicated to integrating education and out of class learning, while providing opportunities for leadership, citizenship, and campus involvement. Each Community is provided with security and a full staffing team of professional and para-professional individuals, that aid in keeping residents safe, informed, and engaged.


Housing Application Timeline

Applications open for NEW/FIRST TIME/INCOMING students: March 25, 2023

Need Assistance?

  • For ESA and ADA/medical accommodation questions/concerns, or to submit documentation, please contact the Center for Personal Development:

    • Dr. Hall, dhall9@uncfsu.edu | 910-672-1222

      NOTE: Students requesting ADA/medical accommodations must still complete the housing process steps while awaiting approval (completing the online housing application, pay the $125 application fee, etc). Once approved, the student will be placed in an on-campus space based on the documentation submitted, space availability, and recommendations of the Center for Personal Development.

Steps To Applying For On-Campus Housing:

Congratulations on your acceptance to FSU, we are excited to welcome you to campus! Please be mindful that all FSU students (to include new/prospective and current/returning students) must submit their application and payment to do self-selection and/or to be assigned for on-campus housing. 

Housing agreements are for the Academic Year, both Fall and Spring Semesters.

1. SUBMIT required information to FSU's Student Health Services (located in the Spaulding Building), Financial Aid, and Admissions

Student Health Services: (910) 672-1259 | healthservices2@uncfsu.edu

Admissions: (910) 672-1371 | admissions@uncfsu.edu

Financial Aid: (910) 672-1325 | finaid@uncfsu.edu

2. MUST SIGN/READ the housing contract, pay the ANNUAL/NON-REFUNDABLE $125.00 housing fee through the MyHousing Portal (ONLINE) and complete the housing application on MyHousing Portal

  • Login credentials are, FSU Student Email (ex. username@broncos.uncfsu.edu) & Password; Look up Here
  • If you need further assistance with your FSU email and password, please contact ITTS, 910-672-4357
  • NOTE: The ONLY payments accepted are DEBIT/CREDIT cards (Mastercard, Visa, pre-paid debit cards) through our online Housing Portal; The Housing & Residence Life office can not accept payments in-person, over-the-phone, etc.
  • If you are under 18 years old, your parent/guardian will need to electronically sign off on your application for it to be submitted and considered complete.

3. REVIEW the housing items(What to Bring list), your FSU Banner student account, emails, Financial Aid and class registration for accuracy.

4. VISIT the ResLife webpage, social media, and University site for updates.

5. PREPARE to move into your new HOME.


Housing Application Timeline

Applications open for CURRENT/RETURNING students: April 3, 2023

Need Assistance?

  • For ESA and ADA/medical accommodation questions/concerns, or to submit documentation, please contact the Center for Personal Development:

    • Dr. Hall, dhall9@uncfsu.edu | 910-672-1222

      NOTE: Students requesting ADA/medical accommodations must still complete the housing process steps while awaiting approval (completing the online housing application, pay the $125 application fee, etc). Once approved, the student will be placed in an on-campus space based on the documentation submitted, space availability, and recommendations of the Center for Personal Development.

Current/Returning Student Housing Criteria & How To Apply

  • View the Housing Information PowerPoint for step-by-step instructions. Visit My Housing Portal to complete your housing application.

  • Be enrolled as an FSU student taking 12-15 credit hours. Residential students can be in a hybrid of online and face-to-face classes on campus.
    •  Students with less than 12 hours can reside on campus by exception (please email the Director of Residence Life, Ms. Adrina Russell, arussell@uncfsu.edu).
    •  Graduate students taking 6 or 9 credit hours can also reside on campus. 
  • Ensure judicial sanctions and fines have been cleared/fulfilled (if applicable).

  • Ensure your FAFSA is on file and your financial aid can cover your meal plan and housing costs.

  • Complete the annual/yearly housing application and pay the annual/yearly $125 application fee in My Housing Portal.

  • Complete and submit all health forms and immunization requirements to Student Health Services:
    • Proof of required immunizations
    • A medical history form
    • A complete physical (if you are residing in the residence halls)
    • Provide proof of a credible health insurance.
      Students may either enroll into Student Blue Health insurance or waive it if they have another insurance carrier.

      Students should call (910) 672-1259 if they have questions or need forms, and they may send their information via email to healthservices2@uncfsu.edu or secure fax at (910) 612-1366.

      Visit Student Health Services for more information.
Housing Updates

Current and Returning Students:

Below are a few updates regarding the Fall 2023 Housing Room Selection Process.

Over 800 of you selected spaces between the times of 6:01pm May 1st until 10pm. That is a significant first for the first few hours. Some of you selected your preferred locations and others of you picked or were assigned to a second choice. Some of you may have experienced log in or technical issues and have not selected an assignment. Our team will be making individual appointments with you during the week of May 15th —27th. The appointment sign up sheet will be in the MyHousingPortal and the Residence Life Website.

Note: This date is intentional because we want everyone to focus on final exams and not stressed over housing for August.

Click here to Schedule an Appointment!

Questions email: residencelife@uncfsu.edu

Current and Returning Students Fall 2023 Housing Applications are at capacity.

Waiting list applications are now available for current/returning FSU students who have not previously submitted a housing application.

Waiting list are to place your name on a list in case additional spaces become available before August 2023 move-in, or for October 2023 2nd 8 week semester.

Applicants apply through the MyHousingPortal

Waiting list are NOT for students who have an assignment or want to change rooms, they are for students who are recently submitting a 1st time housing application after May 15th.


Just a few reminders of items covered in your Canvas Course Living in Community:

  • All student accounts will be reviewed at the end of the Spring 2023 semester and again after the Summer 2023 term for academic
    • To maintain a housing space, you must be registered as a full-time student with at least 12 credit hours
      • More than half of these hours must be face to face classes (on campus). Exception requests are processed on a case-by-case basis, but after all students with face-to-face classes have been accommodated.
  • You must be in good academic For current students this means you must have a 2.0 GPA unless you’ve received an exception waiver.
  • You must be in good standing by conduct with no outstanding incidents or fines
  • You must be in good standing financially with the university.
  • Per the housing contract all assignments are tentative, and Residence Life has the right to reassign you if conditions For example, you must qualify for the community you applied for and be in good standing.

Just a few last things:

  • If you are a part of a group that pays for your housing or awards a financial scholarship, your program advisor may have already coordinated spaces
  • If you have medical or ADA accommodation need, please do not wait until the last minute to connect with the Office of Disability Services regarding the approval process.
  • Additional information is forth coming regarding next steps and preparing you for Fall 2023 housing; therefore, please continue to monitor your FSU email
  • If you want to submit a room change request, you can submit these through MyHousing Portal

Room changes request for Fall 2023 (August move in) will be reviewed June 15th — 30th

Summer Housing Waitlist:

The Summer housing waiting list is open for Summer Term B (July) only.

Summer Housing 2023 applications and spaces are at capacity.

The summer housing process opened in February 3, 2023 and the priority deadline was March 31, 2023.

Late applications were accepted until May 1, 2023.

The waiting list does not guarantee spaces will be available, however will capture your request.

Applicants apply through the MyHousingPortal

Room & Roommate Change Requests:

The housing room/roommate change request period for the Fall 2023 Semester has two waves:

  • Wave 1 request will be reviewed June 15th -June 30th
  • Wave 2  will be reviewed August 15th – August 30th (AFTER preassigned students move in)  

Request are not guarantees and honored in order of submission timestamp in the MyHousingPortal


Room and/or roommate changes are processed through your specific Community Director. Contact/Resource Persons based upon your assigned area(s): 

Apply To Be A Resident Assistant! |  Campus Safety  | Canvas Course

Housing & Residence Life Directory

Faculty & Staff Search/Campus Directory

The Department of Housing & Residence Life is a part of the Division of Student Affairs

Housing & Residence Life Directory:

For Emergencies:

  • Campus Police:
    • NON-Emergencies:  (910) 672-1775
    • Emergencies: (910) 672-1911

  • Assistant Resident Director (ARD) On-Call:
    • 910-797-6726 or
    • 910-263-2964
Important Dates

Academic Calendar

 Summer School

*All dates/times and information are subject to changes & tentative

Freshmen Resident Parking Policy

First-time freshmen living in a university residence hall are not permitted to have a vehicle on campus. Students who have a documented medical condition, extenuating family circumstances, off-campus employment or other similar circumstances necessitating an on-campus vehicle should apply for a waiver request prior to bringing a vehicle to campus.

Freshman commuter students who are not living in an on-campus housing residence hall may have a vehicle.

Click here for more information about Freshmen Parking!

What to Bring & Local Resources

For residence hall living, students should bring the essentials needed to feel comfortable sleeping, showering, cleaning, studying, and relaxing. Students should not bring pets, weapons, non-Keurig-style coffee makers, ceiling fans, kerosene heaters, electric blankets, candles/wax warmers/oil lamps/incense, or “hot” appliances such as grills, hot plates, toasters, crockpots, and air fryers.

Click here for a full list of What To Bring & Not Bring on-campus!

Please be advised that the listed references are offered as a courtesy service for student convenience. The University takes no responsibility for screening or approving of the below entities, and is no way involved in any communication or issues which may arise between parties.

Off-Campus Housing & Temporary Accommodations:

Local Food Delivery:

Local Storage Facilities:

Local Transportation:

Living Learning Communities (LLC's) & ResLife Student Opportunities

LLCs bring together students with a shared identity, interest, or academic area to foster growth and development with academic programs, community-service projects, and resources that encourage solidarity and unity among Broncos of all backgrounds. Current options include:

Opportunities for engagement in your residential communities:

Maintenance, Technology & Laundry Requests

Maintenance Request

Residence Hall maintenance is managed by the FSU Facilities-Maintenance Department

If the request has not been addressed within 48-72 hours, please contact Facilities 411 at 910-672-2411

  • Technology (ITS) Request
    • If students are having network, computer, and/or software issues, please contact the ITS Department at 910-672-1111 

  • Connect FSU
    • Fayetteville State University has two wireless networks. FSU-Secure is a secure, encrypted network available for all current FSU students on any mobile device, tablet, or laptop using your FSU Network ID and password. FSU-Wi-Fi is a guest wireless network available in all campus buildings. To join the guest network, accept the terms and conditions. Click here for information about Connect FSU!

Laundry Request

If students experience an issue with laundry services or a machine malfunction, they can submit a service request 24/7 and the CSC Service Team will be on their way!


Students can save time by checking available washers and dryers with LaundryView