New Student Housing


What To Know: How To Apply For Housing

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Click Here for Housing Application Instructions   

Phase I:

1.     SUBMIT required information to FSU's Student Health Services (located in the Spaulding Building)
2.     FAFSA MUST be on file or follow up with FSU's Office of Financial Aid

We review your student records and verify  that you  are making progress in all of the Phase I areas before you move into Phase II for Housing.   This process may take a few days to a few weeks,  is dependent upon your input

Phase II:

3.     MUST SIGN/READ the Housing Contract on the MyHousing Portal
- you will choose/confirm your roommate/room assignment during this step
-MyHousing Portal Instructions
 NOTE: Login credentials are your:  FSU Student Username (ex. & Password; Look up Here  

4.     MUST PAY the NON-REFUNDABLE $125.00 housing fee through the MyHousing Portal ONLINE ONLY
Please be aware that this a HOUSING APPLICATION FEE, not a deposit. A Housing Application Fee is a service for processing the application. 

NOTE: The ONLY payments accepted are DEBIT/CREDIT cards (Mastercard, Visa, pre-paid debit cards) through our online Housing Portal; NO OTHER METHODS OF PAYMENT will be accepted. If you will be using a pre-paid card it is recommended to have a total of $130, due to various fees that are associated with pre-paid cards. 

5.     REVIEW the housing items What to Bring list and start preparing

6.     RESOLVE any pending items with Student Health, Financial Aid, or class registration

*If you are under 18 years old, your parent/guardian will need to electronically sign off on your application for it to be submitted and considered complete. 

Phase III:
7. RECEIVE Welcome Letter and specific move in instrucitons

8. VISIT the ResLife wepage for updates

9. CHECK your FSU Banner student account for accuracy

10. CONTACT and get to know your roommate (if applicable)

11. PREPARE to move into your new HOME

LiveSafe App

Operation ID - Property Inventory Sheet

First Steps (New Student Orientation)
LEAP Program

Housing & Residence Life: Guide for Residential Living 
Housing & Residence Life: FAQ
Move-In: What to Bring (care packages, graduation gifts, and discounted residence hall items to bring)
Dining Meal Plan Information 
Campus Map
Bronco Card Office (One Card Office) 
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