Hood Hall

Hood Hall, named after Bishop James Walker Hood, is an all-female residence hall full of history, that can accommodate up to 65 female residents in double occupancy rooms. Female residents enjoy a comfortable common lobby in which they can watch television, socialize, or study.

Hood Hall is located on the top of a gently sloping hill that overlooks our Greek plots, and Bronco-iRadio.com Station located in the Telecommunications Building, and several social science academic buildings on the west side of our campus; closest to the full computer lab that is located in the Lyons Science Annex Building.

  • Occupancy: Double
  • Classification: Freshman
  • Type: Female

    2018-2019 Rates:
    Annual: $4,298.00
    Semester: $2,149.00

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  • A convenient laundry room
  • A cozy relaxation room on the second floor of the dormitory for students to relax and watch television, hold group discussions or study sessions.
  • Female residents of this dormitory enjoy a classy and comfortable common lobby in which they can enjoy television, socializing, studying or just to take a quick nap. 

Assistant Resident Director (ARD)
Hood Hall, First Floor
(910) 672-2336 | 

Hall Phone: (910) 672-2334