Bronco Shuttle

The Division of Student Affairs at Fayetteville State University is pleased to announce that an agreement with the City of Fayetteville has been established to provide FSU students with Fayetteville Area System of Transit (FAST) services.

The Bronco Shuttle is a service provided free of charge to all Fayetteville State University students, faculty, and staff. The shuttle is also equipped with ADA seating packages.

FSU students will be required to present the bus driver their semester FSU FAST bus pass, which they can obtain for free in the Office of Student Engagement, and their valid student identification card to exercise their privilege.

Students interested in obtaining their free semester FSU FAST bus pass can do so Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am until 4:30 pm, from the Office of Student Engagement, room 227 of the Rudolph Jones Student Center. To obtain the free pass, students must present their valid FSU student identification card and provide their FSU student banner identification number.Passes are good for one academic semester and cannot be transferred. Students are eligible to receive one free FSU student semester FAST bus pass per semester. Students are subject to FAST protocol and procedures while utilizing the services.

For more information referencing the FSU-City of Fayetteville NC/FAST agreement, please contact the Office of Student Engagement at (910) 672-1166.


Cross Creek Mall: Pamalee Drive: FSU: Country Club Drive: Methodist University: CFV North: Ramsey Street: Skibo Road

MONDAY-THURSDAY: 6:30 am - 8:53 pm (every 120 minutes until 2:53 pm, every 60 minutes after 2:53 pm)FRIDAY: 6:30 am - 10:53 pm (every 120 minutes until 2:53 pm, every 60 minutes after 2:53 pm)SATURDAY: 8:53 am - 10:53 pm (every 120 minutes until 2:53 pm, every 60 minutes after 2:53 pm)* Monday - Friday, the first bus begins at Cross Creek Mall at 6:30 AM. On Saturday, it begins at 8:53 AM at FSU.** The second bus begins at FSU at 2:53 pm. Both buses will stop at FSU at :53 after every hour.The last trip ends at Fayetteville State University Monday-Thursday at 8:53 PM and Friday-Saturday at 10:53 PM.Due to future stops awaiting installation, there will be limited service availability between Pamalee Drive and Murchison Road.

Bus StopTime

1 Cross Creek Mall *
2 Pamalee Drive / Cain Road
3 Langdon Street / Fayetteville State University *
4 Carter Bank / Country Club Drive 
5 Methodist Unversity
6 CFV North / Andrews Road
6 CFV North / Andrews Road
7 Walmart - Ramsey Street
8 McDonald's - Ramsey Street
9 Food Lion - Country Club Drive
3 Langdon Street / Fayetteville State University **
10 Dollar General / Country Club Drive
11 Walmart - Skibo Road
1 Cross Creek Mall


  • To follow the bus trip, read across the page.
  • Times are given for certain points along the bus route, called "Time Points". If your departure or arrival point is between one of the Time Points, you will need to estimate the time the bus will be at your stop.
  • Locate your stop on the map.
  • Find the nearest Time Point before your stop.
  • Depending on which direction you wish to travel, find that Time Point on the schedule. Estimate the number of minutes it will take the bus to get from the nearest Time Point to your stop.
  • Choose the time you need to travel.
  • When a blank or * appears under a Time Point, it means that a bus does not pass by that point on that particular trip.
  • Be at the bus stop a few minutes early to allow for errors in estimating.
  • All times given may vary with weather or traffic conditions.

For more information: Call 910-433-1747FAST makes every effort to operate its service as scheduled. Times given may vary due to mechanical difficulties or road, traffic and other conditions. Please allow sufficient time to meet your bus.

Safety Tips

Plan to allow ample time for transportation to and from class by considering traffic congestion, or other possible delays.

Please allow riders departing from the shuttle to exit before boarding.

After exiting the shuttle, use caution and allow the shuttle to pull away before you cross the street. Unlike regular school buses, traffic is not required to stop for the Bronco Shuttle.

Do not enter a street in an attempt to board after the driver has pulled away from the customary stop.

Please have a valid university student, faculty or staff identification card ready to show to the shuttle driver before entering shuttle. (NO ONE will be allowed to board the shuttle without a valid FSU ID Card, NO EXCEPTIONS)

While riding the shuttle, passengers should not stand in the stairwells or ahead of the white line.
Only one person per seat is allowed on the shuttle.

Please remain seated until the shuttle comes to a full stop.

For safety reasons, standing is not allowed while the shuttle is in motion, nor is sitting in the aisles allowed at any time.

No eating or drinking is allowed on shuttle. Food or drink must be in a closed container and must remain closed while on the shuttle.

No smoking allowed on the shuttle.

Due to the limited amount of seating for university students and insurance liability issues, no children or non-university students or personnel are allowed to ride on the shuttle.

Weapons of any type are prohibited on the shuttle.

Radios may not be played on the shuttle.

Please be courteous to the drivers and other passengers. Keep your voice levels within a normal speaking range.

Pets are not allowed on the shuttle, except for service animals approved under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Lost and Found

Items found on the shuttle will be turned in to the Campus Police Office. Bus drivers will not release found items unless the owner can properly identify the items. Items will only be released by the Campus Police to the owner of lost item with an accurate description.