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Bronco MILE

The primary purpose of the Bronco MILE ("Male Initiative on Leadership & Excellence") is to better create educational and personal conditions that promote the success of FSU men. To achieve this purpose, the goals are to: (a) inspire academic and personal excellence; (b) create a powerful community of learners and learning; (c) encourage high levels of student engagement in academic and personal support services; and (d) engage students in co-curricular experiences, particularly leadership development. Taken together, the Bronco MILE focuses on the development of the whole student in a manner that improves student retention and degree completion rates.

Where Are They Now?

Pictured are 20 students who comprised of the inaugural cohort of the MILE during the spring 2012.

  • Five of 20 students have graduated.
  • Thirteen are continuing students. (They have a cummulative GPA of 2.51)
  • Two have stopped-out.
  • One served as SGA President.
  • One presently serves as SGA President.
  • Seven joined NPHC affiliated fraternities.

There are now 200 students engaged in the Bronco MILE.


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