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Department of Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship

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Students Explore their Entrepreneurial Thinking and Creativity

Econ Class303 Strategic Entrepreneurship

Students in Econ303 Strategic Entrepreneurship Class: The course starts with exploration of personal goals them moves into an analysis of business models, business plans, raising money, negotiations, industry conditions, and capabilities.

Students in ENTR300

Students in ENTR300: Students explore a variety of approaches relating to identifying opportunities in the marketplace.

Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship, one of Fayetteville State University's largest and fastest growing departments. Our expanding base of dedicated and innovative faculty continues to attract the best and largest number of students at the University.

On our website, you will find information about our admissions processes and overviews of the Bachelor of Business Administration, which is available in four concentrations: general business, management, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Our faculty members collaborate on research and teaching, often across the program areas, reflecting our unique departmental culture of professional interdependence, mutual respect, friendliness and dedication to the advancement of teaching, research and service to our community. The management faculty focus their careers on innovative teaching methods and course design, publishing in the top journals and conference proceedings, and participating in our community, state and nation through various outreach and educational programs.

Graduates of our program possess practical and applied understanding of business, technology and globalization concepts, and seek careers in management, government, professional disciplines, and entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to preparing our students to work in the world of rapid technological innovations and growing global market place, whose leaders must understand the social, cultural, ethical, and environmental issues of the 21st century. We seek to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to achieve in whatever dreams they pursue.

The Department's highly successful internship program places dozens of students each year in positions of responsibility and challenge, helping prepare them for jobs across the nation. Our two students' associations, The Society for the Advancement of Management (SAM) and Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), provide students the opportunity exercise their leadership, teamwork and project management skills, and build relationships that they will carry throughout their careers.

Please browse our website to learn more about the Department of Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship and the School of Business and Economics.  Do not hesitate to contact me or other members of our team. We are here to assist you. IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!  

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