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Information System Society

ISS FSU is a student organization working closely with our faculty advisors with the following objectives:

  1. To enhance the knowledge of information systems (IS) at Fayetteville State University.
  2. To provide information systems students with career development advice and contacts through professional and social events.
  3. To provide information systems students with graduate education advice and help.
  4. To provide students with presentations by creating valuable contacts with professionals in business and industry.
  5. To provide the surrounding community with IS services.
  6. To help the information systems program and information technology knowledge of FSU become one of the best in the area.
Contact Information:

Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Alireza Lari
Office: SBE 390A
Phone: (910) 672-1249

Dr. Dothang Truong
Office: SBE 351
Phone: (910) 672-1020

Dr. Pamela Jackson
Office: SBE 318
Phone: (910) 672-1818

Mr. Shahnawaz Muhammed
Office: SBE 329
Phone: (910) 672-1019

A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina