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Standard 2 Artifact List

Standard 2 - Artifact List

Artifact Number

Artifact Description


Document describing the EPP's assessment system, including transition points and assessments of candidates' performance and EPP evaluations 


Summaries of data of Key Assessments at Transition Points I, II, III, IV


2.4.a4i: Agendas and Minutes of Assessment Committee Meetings


2.4.a4ii: Agendas and Minutes of Assessment Retreats


Ensuring fair, accurate, consistent, and unbiased data + List of External Reviewers


Admissions criteria and data from key assessments used for entry into prgrams


Assessment Feedback Loop: Policies and procedures that ensure that data are regularly collected, compiled, aggregated, summarized, analyzed, and used to make improvements

2.4.b2 (N/A)

Sample of candidate data disaggregated by alternate routes, off-campus, and distance learning programs


Institutional policies for handling students' complaints


Students' Complaints Log


Description of information technology used to manage performance data


Examples of changes made to courses, programs, and the unit in response to data gathered from the assessment system

Alignment Matrix of Conceptual Framework Themes, DPI Professional Teaching Standards, and NCATE Standards


Conceptual Framework


Summary Matrix of  Programs Student Learning Outcomes Results Across Program by Academic Year with degree of Achievement is using Results to Drive Improvement


Matrix Tracking Candidates Achievement across DPI 22 Competencies of the PT Standards


Matrix Identifying Program Requirements by Degree at each Transition Point


2.4.i1: ELEM Corrective Action Plan

2.4.i2: ELEM Corrective Action Plan

2.4.i3: MG Corrective Action Plan

2.4.j Alignment Maps with NCPTS

2.4.j1: BK Alignment Map with NAEYC Standards

2.4.j2: ELEM Alignment Map with ACEI Standards

2.4.j3: MG Alignment Maps with LA, MATH, SC Standards

2.4.j4: SCED Math Alignment Map with NCTM Standards

2.4.j5: MAT Alignment Map with NC Advanced Competencies of a Master Teacher Standards

2.4.j6: M. Ed. Alignment Maps with National Standards

2.4.j7: MSA Alignment Map with ELCC Standards

2.4.j8: Ed.D. Alignment Map with ELCC Standards

2.4.j9: H/PE Alignment Map with AAHE Standards


Majors' Meetings Agendas and Sign-In Sheets


Dean's Forum Agendas and Sign-In Sheets


Results of Early Disposition Inventory by Six Measures across Academic Year


Results of Satisfaction Survey administered to pre-candidates and candidates to assess satisfaction with advisement services provided across all programs


Student Teacher Exit Survey of Internship Placement Results 


Results of the Graduating Senior Survey administered annually by institution graduating seniors that measures multiple prompts, including faculty delivery, course development, etc.


Alumni "Job Readiness" Survey Results


Employer Survey Results


UNCGA Recent Graduate Survey piloted spring 2014 and administered to recent graduates, with up to 3 years teaching experience, to measure satisfaction with preparation by EPP and Principals' evaluation of the recent graduates


Evaluation Results of Graduates and Completers by Principals and Assistant Principals on DPI Professional Teaching Standards 1-6.


Reflection Writing Prompt: Specific guidelines and prompts prepared for candidates to facilitate effective reflections on learning and pedagogical experiences


The SOE Graduate Admission Manual with Procedures and guidelines that glide admissions to graduate programs within the EPP


The SOE Graduate Admissions Committee Membership


The Graduate School Admissions & Appeals Committees Membership


Letters documenting discontinued programs


Results of Evaluations by Academic Affairs on of each Department and the EPP's OPARs - The Annual Strategic Planning Document with findings aligned to UNCGA Priorities, FSU Priorities, NCATE Standards, SACS Standards and for departments Professional program Standards & DPI Professional Teaching Standards


2.4.z1: 2010-2011 NCATE Part C Report that detail EPP updates and strategies to address AFI

2.4.z2: 2011-2012 NCATE Part C Report that detail EPP updates and strategies to address AFI

2.4.z3: 2012-2013 NCATE Part C Report that detail EPP updates and strategies to address AFI

2.4.z4: 2013-2014 CAEP Annual Report that detail EPP updates and strategies to address AFI


Ed.D. Advisory Board Membership List


2.4ab1 2011-2012 Department of Educational Leadership OPAR (annual monitoring of PSLOs)

2.4ab2 2012-2013 Department of Educational Leadership OPAR (annual monitoring of PSLOs)

2.4ab3 2013-2014 Department of Educational Leadership OPAR (annual monitoring of PSLOs)

Dissertation Chairs' Meeting Notice

Ed.D. Syllabi

Dissertation Handbook

Dissertation Writing Seminar Flyer, Sign-In Sheets, etc.

Doctoral Student Association


Agendas & Minutes to document faculty meetings where program goals and data are addressed

Revised Ed.D. Internship Objectives


Average Ratings on ED.D. Major Assessments Across Transition Points I, II, and III


Ed.D. Program SLO Results Matrix - 2012-2014

Graduate School's Graduate Student Handbook (Dissertation Guidelines)

Department Dissertation Timeline

List of Ed.D. Candidates and Dissertation Committee Chair

Dissertation Boot Camp


EDLE Advisement Survey Results

Candidates' Comments on Assistance Provided by Faculty

2.4.ar1: Dissertation Editor Responsibilities as detailed in a Request Submitted to Academic Affairs


2.4.ar2: Graduate School's Dissertation Educator Responsibilities

New Comprehensive Exam Format

2.4.at1: Ed.D. Cohort Graduate List

2.4.at2: All Ed.D. candidates reflecting ABDs and Graduates

Ed.D. Blueprint approved at the Institution level and submitted to DPI for State Board of Education Approval

2. 4.av

Department of Educational Leadership Continuous Improvement Matrix provided by AA


List of 2013 & 2012 Ed.D. Candidates admitted by Cognate area


Artifact Link



SOE Webpage

Program Quality Indicators

Health/Physical Education Program

Middle Grades, Secondary, and Specialized Subjects

SOE Academic Advisement and Retention Center


Wells Fargo Endowed Chair of Education

SOE Dean's Advisory Board

SOE Mission and Vision Statements

Department of Educational Leadership

Ed.D. Syllabi

Resource to Facilitate use of LAT Assessment and data Platform

Student Complaint Procedure


Title IX Complaint Procedures

A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina