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The Mary B. Dickey Memorial

Mrs. Mary B. Dickey exemplified her passion for leadership and service as a Colonel in the U.S.Army. Upon retirement from the U.S.Army her passion for nursing manifested itself in the RN-BSN completion program at Fayetteville State University where she led hundreds of nurses through higher education to excellence. Mrs. Dickey shared her nursing excellence with the FSU's School of Nursing as a faculty member from 1999 through her retirement in 2012. She helped develop the RN-BSN program into one of FSU's strongest and most productive academic programs. The School of Nursing experienced a great loss with Mrs. Dickey's passing on July 3, 2013. Her personal collection of books has been donated to the School of Nursing by her husband Chris B. Dickey. This catalog of books is located on the third floor of the Nursing Education and Research Center in the reception area and is available for both prelicensure BSN and RN-BSN students to borrow. Mrs. Dickey's legacy of nursing leadership continues through this collection know to all as the Mary B. Dickey Memorial Library.

Catalog of books

In addition to this library an award has been established by the faculty of the School of Nursing to honor Ms. Dickey's memory and achievement. The Mary B. Dickey Leadership Award is presented every fall and spring semester to a graduating RN-BSN student with scholastic and professional contributions that demonstrate great potential for nursing leadership. The recipient integrates liberal education, core professional nursing values, and a commitment to lifelong learning in continued role development as a clinical nurse leader.

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