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Commuter Students

Who are the Commuters?

If you are a student who lives off-campus and utilize some form of transportation to travel to and from campus then you are a commuter student! More than 75% of all FSU students are commuters. Commuter Students are our community contacts and are an important part of the University's connection to the greater Fayetteville area.

As a commuter student you often face challenges that students living on campus do not. It is the purpose of Commuter & Student Services to help you with these challenges and to help address any concerns you may have regarding your experience as a commuter.

Common Concerns of Commuter Students include:
Balancing Multiple Roles
Incorporating Support Systems such as family, work, and fellow students
Getting to Campus
Accessing resources on campus (and awareness of those resources)
How to cultibate a sense of belonging to campus

What resources are there for Commuters?

Our web page is a great resource, but here are a few featured services.

Do you want to get involved on campus? Try the Office of Student Activities or Student Organizations Pages

Do you need to learn more about academic requirements at FSU? Try University College.

Check out the Services and Frequently Asked Questions pages for more information!


Commuter Student Organization

A.U.T.O.S Commuter Student Organization 

The A.U.T.O.S. Commuter Club is not officially associated with Commuter Student Services although many of our goals align and we cooperate in many area. A.U.T.O.S. stands for Achieving Understanding Towards Off-Campus Students. They are the student organization expressly for commuter students. It is their purpose to assist the commuter student population in making the most of the college experience. Click Here to visit the A.U.T.O.S website

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