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Field Experience

Field experiences are designed to assure that candidates have a variety of early experiences by focusing primarily on the school environment environment, observation techniques, and finally by reflecting and implementing what have been learned from the university and the public school to facilitate learning.

Field experiences are planned in the introductory and intermediate and advance education courses.  Clinical experience culminates the experience in the last semester of a candidate's program. 

Summary of Field Experiences Contact Hours
Pre-program Admission 15 hrs.
Post-program Admission 70-90 hrs.
Internship/Professional Seminar 385-525 hrs.
Professional Education Core
Course Number and Name Number of Hours Required Activities To Be Completed
EDUC 211
Laboratory Experiences in Area Schools
15 Observation of teacher/candidate interactions to develop an appreciation for and an understanding of the teaching/learning processes in a school setting; Assisting with routine tasks, working with individual candidates and candidates in small groups.
EDUC 330
Educational Psychology
and Human Development
10 Participation in activities that build on theories of measurements and evaluation of candidate achievement; grade papers, prepare charts or visual; provide instruction as requested, take role and record attendance, and complete initial analysis of student data.
EDUC 331*
Instructional Design and Assessment of Learning

The field experience aligned to EDUC 331 provides the pre-candidate with the opportunity to observe and learn about the variety of classroom assessments used to drive candidate learning in the North Carolina Public School System.  The pre-candidate will spend 10 hours in a classroom observing and interacting with candidates and the clinical experience (P-12), preferably during assessment periods.  The pre-candidate will be required to interview the clinical educator (P-12) to determine the clinical educator's (P-12) perspective on the relationships between assessment and learning as well as on the effectiveness of specific assessment tools.  The product of learning will be a summary of the types and applications of the assessments observed and a write up of the interview.  The instructor will assign specific interview questions and specify the structure of the paper.  The course is in line with NC Senate Bill 724

 * EDUC 340 is no longer offered.  The content from EDUC 340 is merged with EDUC 330 and assessment and measurement strategies are the focus of the new EDUC 331 course.
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