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Program Contacts


Chair/Coordinator (Ext)

Clinical Educator (EPP) (Ext)

Elementary Education Dr. Priscilla Manarino-Leggett (Interim)  (1257/1538/1586) Dr. Beatrice Carroll (1375)
Dr. Marilyn Lanier (1631)
Birth-Kindergarten Dr. Beverly Cain (1537)
NC Teach/PATH Dr. Earlyn Jordon (1421)
Reading Dr. Priscilla Manarino-Leggett (1586)


Foreign Languages

Dr. Edward McShane (1417/1416)

Dr. Jose Franco (Spanish) (1379)

Dr. Micki Nyman (English) (2426) 
Government & History Dr. Adegoke Ademiluyi (1137/1573) Dr. Stanley Johnson (1248)
Physical Education Dr. Cynthia Shamberger (1181/2464)
Mathematics and Computer Science Dr. Dwight House (1294)
Middle Grades, Secondary & Special Education Dr. Cynthia Shamberger (1181/2464) Mr. Peter Eley (1183)
Biological Sciences Dr. Ronald Johnston (1691/1695) Dr. Ronald Johnston (1691)
Performing & Fine Arts Dr. Harmon Watson (1571) Dr. Sheryl Linch-Parker (Music) (1528) Dr. Rollinda Thomas (Art) (1795)
Sociology Dr. Samuel Adu-Mireku (1122) Dr. Ella Keller (1245) (Sociology)
Educational Leadership & Praxis Dr. Linda Wilson Jones (Interim) (1634) Dr. Theodore Kanuika (1636) (MSA)
A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina