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Directions to the Planetarium

GPS directions

The Fayetteville State University Planetarium is easily located on Google Maps. We are located in the Lyons Science building on the beautiful campus of Fayetteville State University.

Visual directions

From Murchison Road, turn into W. T. Brown (there's a traffic light there) to enter the FSU campus. This is what you'll see. The Lyons Science building, where the planetarium is, is indicated:

W. T. Brown

Proceed to the dropoff point in front of Lyons Science:

Dropoff location

If you're driving a school bus, drop your children off here and instruct them to walk to the left to enter the building (the planetarium is at the end of the hall). If you're driving your own car, or a bus small enough to fit in a regular parking space, keep going past the stop sign, across the railroad tracks, and turn right into the parking lot. Use caution: trains frequently go through the campus!

Where to park the school bus (at Capel):

After dropping your kids off at the dropoff point in the picture above, turn left at the stop sign. This is what you'll see. The Lyons Science building is to your left, and the railroad tracks are to your right.


Use caution when crossing the sidewalk. It's busy.


When the road starts to bend left, turn right:

Right turn

There is another crosswalk, so use care. Keep going.


Go through the open gates, then immediately turn left at the driveway into the lot.

Turn into Capel

Go straight. There will be a sign that says "Bus Parking Only." Proceed past that sign and park the bus. It's a long walk back to the planetarium, but we'll leave the door unlocked for you!

Bus Parking

To retrieve the bus and pick up the children, go forward from the bus parking lot to the street (Langdon Street), turn right, then make the first right back into campus (do not cross the tracks). Go back to Lyons Science using the same route you used to go to Capel. When you get in front of Lyons Science, the building will be on the right side, so there is no need for the children to cross the street. Proceed forward to exit to Murchison Road.

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