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Crime Prevention Presentations

Crime prevention presentations are provided at various times throughout the year by members of the Fayetteville State University Police Department's Investigations Division.  Presentations are available for resident students, commuter students, faculty, and staff.  Information shared through the crime prevention presentations promote self awareness, personal safety, and tips to help reduce your chances of becoming a victim of a crime.  Presentations on a variety of topics are available upon request. Additionally, crime prevention literature is also on display in various locations throughout the campus.  Individuals or organizations interested in hosting a crime prevention presentation may contact the FSU Police Department's Investigations Division by e-mail or by telephone at 910-672-2486 or 910-672-1775.

Operation Identification

Operation Identification has proven to be effective in reducing burglary wherever it has been properly implemented. The Fayetteville State University Police Department encourages members of the university community to engrave their property with their driver's license number or an identifying number of their choice on their personal property. The program helps to deter theft, assist in arrest, and facilitates the return of stolen property. For more information regarding this program, contact the Fayetteville State University Police Department's Investigations Division by e-mail at or by telephone at 910-672-2486 or 910-672-1775.

Campus Watch

Campus Watch asks students, faculty, and staff to look out for each other's welfare, to be alert to anything that threatens the quality of campus life, and to report all suspicious activities, emergencies, and other concerns to someone who can take action. It challenges you to be a part of  the community, not the bystander who refuses to get involved.  Students can report any incidents of violence, crime, suspicious activity or person, emergencies, needed repairs, or anything of as suspicious nature. Students may contact their Residence Hall Directors, Resident Hall Assistants, and hall community assistants to pass on their information or contact campus police directly.

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