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Social Media Guidelines


University-recognized department/unit accounts represent official university units and have full-time university employees assigned to manage the account. University units associated with a recognized account are responsible for the content. It is the responsibility of the account administrator to oversee the content and dialogue.

Student organization accounts represent student organizations that are affiliated with the university and/or choose to incorporate the university's visual identity standards in their social media venue. They are required to fully comply with the university's social media guidelines and graphic identity guidelines.

Unaffiliated accounts represent groups of users with a common interest and identification with the university.


Social media sites are powerful communications tools that have a significant impact on organizational and professional reputations. Social media sites have the capacity to blur the lines between personal voices and institutional voices, Fayetteville State University requires departments, units, and student organizations that desire a University Social Media Account to adhere to the following requirements in order to enhance and protect personal and professional reputations:

A.    "University Social Media Accounts" are defined as social media accounts (including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Snap Chat, BroncoAdvantage, Twitter, and YouTube accounts or blogs) that are created or maintained by or on behalf of the university-recognized department/unit and student club/organizations. All university-recognized department/unit and student club/organizations must incorporate the university's logo, seal, spirit logo and etc., on university represented social media accounts and must fully comply with the university's guidelines contained in the FSU Graphic Identity Guide in their social media venue.

Any use of the Graphic Identity for layout and art purposes must have approval prior to print or production from the Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications.  Layouts containing university graphic elements should be forwarded to the Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications for review.  This includes, but is not limited to, brochures, ads, booklets, memento printing, etc.  A release statement will follow, if approved. The release statement is required to be kept on file to validate print and subsequent use of the layouts.  Please adhere closely to the guidelines contained in the FSU Graphic Identity Guide.

FSU departments and student clubs/organizations (an exception may apply to the following: greek organizations, FSU chapters of national recognized clubs/organizations and honor societies) are reminded that there is only one university logo.  The approved university logo is used for all departments, student clubs/organizations and operation of the university.  No individual department or program, student clubs/organization logos are allowed.  Individual identity is created by double-spacing beneath the university logo and including the departmental name and/or student club/organization name there in clear, block-style lettering for easy read. 
Note:  The graphic identity elements are located on the university's public drive for easy access.  All approved graphic elements to include the university logo, seal, spirit logo, as well as approved art and word art elements, can now be found on the university "P" drive at: P:Data/FSU Graphic Identity. The FSU Graphic Identity Guide publication is also located on the Marketing website at:  Permission for use can only be obtained through the Office of Marketing and Strategic Communication and/or the Office of Public Relations.
A consistent visual identity is important for FSU. It creates brand and reputation while allowing all FSU constituencies to identify with FSU by the same, consistent imagery. Please adhere to the graphic identity policies approved for campus use, and to remove any elements or artwork from social media sites that does not adhere to campus policy and guidelines.

B.    Requests for university social media accounts must be submitted to the Office of Public Relations for approval, prior to account creation. Please complete the university social media account request form here.  Submit the form, once completed via email to and Once the social media account request form has been reviewed and approved, please forward the link to the established social media account page or URL address via email to and for final review and for our records.   

Note: If a social media account/page has been established or created, prior to approval granted by the Office of Public Relations,  please contact the Office of Public Relations.  Additionally, the requesting department/unit/student club and organization is required to follow-up by completing the university social media account request form here and submitting the completed form to the Office of Public Relations for review and approval.

C.    University Social Media Accounts must have a responsible department or unit administrator assigned, must include the social media manager as an administrator on the account and add Jeffrey Womble, Associate Vice Chancellor for Communications as a page administrator on all university social media accounts. Shared access to appropriate user names and passwords is permitted if shared administration is not possible.

D.    All University Social Media Accounts must include a disclaimer statement on the site in the form prescribed by the social media manager, regarding the content and opinions contained on the site. Example: "The Official Fayetteville State University Social Media Page (with the Name of the Department/Unit or Student Club/Organization)" or "The Official Social Media Presence for Fayetteville State University and the Name of the Department/Unit or Student Club/Organization)".

E.    University Social Media Accounts that are created and abandoned may be removed by the social media manager at his or her discretion.

F.    All University Social Media Accounts must display the following statement prominently where possible:  "Representatives of a North Carolina state agency communicate via this Website. Consequently no person communicating via this site (whether a state employee or the general public) should have an expectation that any communication on this site is private. All communication on this site may be subject to disclosure under the North Carolina Public Records Act."

G.   Publicly posted content on a University Social Media Account will not be edited or removed prior to consultation with the social media manager, who should consult with the Office of Legal Affairs, as needed.

H.    Best practices and guidelines for social media accounts should be considered by all campus users.

See: Fayetteville State University Brand Memo, Fayetteville State University Social Media MemoOfficial Fayetteveille State University Trademarks and Licensing, Official FSU Style Guide and FSU RGB Brand Color for Web Use

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