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David Wallace, Ph.D.

At FSU since 2001

Dr. WallaceDr. Wallace is an experimental social psychologist, and an Associate Professor in the department of psychology. He earned a B.S. in Psychology from Texas A & M University and completed his M.A. and  Ph. D. in 1993 at Texas Christian University. He then worked at Ohio University as an assistant professor of statistics from 1994-2001. Since that time he has been here at FSU teaching mainly statistics and social psychology, and also conducting research in the area of attitudes and attitude-behavior consistency. He recently published a review article consisting of a large meta-analysis of all attitude-behavior consistency research over the past 60 years. Currently, Dr. Wallace is conducting research on attitude change by examining what motivates individuals to attempt to persuade others.

Recent Publications:

Wallace, D. S., Abduk-Khaliq, A., Czuchry, M. & Sia, T. L. (2008). African American's political attidtudes, party affiliation, and voting behavior.  Journal of African American Studies, 4, 0 - 0.

Wallace, D., S., Jones, C. B., Watson, S. S.,Williams, P. Q., & Portlock, V. R. (2007). Knowledge and perceptions of depressions in African-Americans.  Society for Child and Family Policy and Practice Advocate, 30, 1 - 3.

Wallace, D. S., Paulson, R, M., Lord, C. G., & Bond, C. F., Jr. (2005).  Which behaviors do attitudes predict?  Meta-analyzing the effects of social pressure and perceived difficulty.  Review of General Psychology, 9, 214 - 227.

Wallace, D. S., Desforges, D. M., Lord, C. G., & Sia, T. L., (2001).  Effects of perceived consensus on selective reinforcement of other people's stated opinions.  Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 23, 75 - 85.

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