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Psychology Course Syllabi


The syllabi contained in this page are just examples of the ones used in each class. For specific syllabi or questions about the syllabi, please, contact the Department Faculty.

Course ID Course Title
PSYC210 General Psychology
PSYC233 Statistics for Psychology
PSYC300 Psychology of Personal Adjustment
PSYC310 Theories of Personality
PSYC320 Theories of Learning
PSYC331 Developmental Psychology
PSYC342 Introduction to Clinical & Counseling Psychology
PSYC343 Multicultural Psychology
PSYC350 Industrial & Organizational Psychology
PSYC352 Research Methodology
PSYC360 Social Psychology
PSYC365 Health Psychology
PSYC370 Introduction to Biopsychology
PSYC380 Behavior Modification
PSYC381 Child Psychopathology
PSYC400 History & Systems of Psychology
PSYC420 Sensation & Perception
PSYC421 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC422 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC430 Advance Seminar Sex & Gender
PSYC505 Research Methods
PSYC516 Developmental Psychology
PSYC525 Ethical & Professional Issues
PSYC575 Biological Aspects of Behavior
PSYC612 Tech & Process in Counseling Psychology
PSYC613 Counseling in Community Settings
PSYC614 Addiction & Substance Abuse Counseling
PSYC623 Personality & Psych Assessment
PSYC652 Principles & Tech of Teaching Psychology
PSYC672 Seminar in Current Issues in Psychology
PSYC681 Clinical Practicum II
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