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QEP - Making Evidence-Based Decisions

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Academic and Non-Academic Departments/Units:

  • Beginning Summer 2011, develop and submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the QEP Committee for review and evaluation.  RFP will include:
    • Facilitators Professional Development Plan
      • Faculty
      • Staff
  • Await selection notice from QEP Committee
  • If selected, begin professional development plan to include:
    • QEP Training
      • Data Collection
      • Professional Development 
  • Note: Office of Faculty Development will provide the administrative support and coordinate and monitor activities for the QEP process.

Faculty and Staff Individual Participation:

  • Be a Grader
    • Learn to grade the CLA-style assessments given to students (Training will be provided.)
  • Create Reusable Instructional Objects (RIOs)
    • Learn to develop rubrics for RIOs (Training will be provided.)
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