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Degree Works Frequently Asked Questions

  •   What is Degree Works?
    • Degree Works is an online degree evaluation advising tool that helps monitor student progress toward degree completion. Degree Works measures all student coursework (completed, currently enrolled, future registration, or transferred courses) for degree requirements in a user friendly worksheet.
  • Who can use Degree works?
    • All degree-seeking students, advisors, faculty, and staff may utilize degree works.
  • Can students register for classes in Degree Works?
    • Not currently; however, when the student information systems is upgraded to Banner 9, this feature will be possible.
  • How current is the information in Degree Works?
    • The Degree Works database is updated nightly. Any changes made to a student's record in the current day (e.g., grade changes, new major, or classes added/dropped) will be reflected the next day. If the worksheet is not displaying updates, send all inquiries to
  • How often should a student/advisor meet to review a degree audit?
    • A student should discuss how often to meet with his or her advisor.
  • Can I use the degree audit as an official transcript?
    • No, the degree audit is not an official academic transcript. The degree audit is a degree evaluation advising tool. You can view your unofficial transcript via Self-Service or you can request your official transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse.
  • How is the degree audit different from the official transcript?
    • The degree audit is a degree evaluation advising tool that provides academic information related to degree completion progress. The official transcript is a copy of your permanent academic record that includes, all courses taken each semester with dates of attendance, term GPA, grades, academic standing, honors, and other information that reflects your academic performance.
  • What are the meaning of the symbols in Degree Works
    • Complete = courses or requirements met 
    • Not Complete = courses or requirements not met 
    • Complete except for classes in progress = in progress courses or requirements
    • Nearly complete = in progress courses or requirements, see your advisor 
    • Transfer Class (TP) = Transfer courses 
    • Any course number (@) = any courses

  •   Can students complete a change of major/minor/concentration through Degree Works?
    • No. Students should submit a Declaration of major or Change of Major online. Instructions on how to declare or change a major, please click here.
  • Does Degree Works include transfer courses?
    • Yes. Accepted transfer credits may be used to assist in meeting requirements or placed in the fall through block.
  • How do students know what classes to take?
    • Courses still needed to meet degree requirements will be listed as "Still Needed".
  • I cannot run an audit. What should I do?
    • If you cannot run an audit, you may be listed as an Undeclared or Pre major. You may use the What-if scenario. You will need to meet with your academic advisor to declare a major.
  • I think the degree audit is incorrect. What should I do?
    • You should discuss your concerns with your academic advisor.

    What-If Audit FAQs:

  • I would like to change my major. How can I view the new major requirements if I made this change?
    • You may use the What-if scenario on the worksheet tab to generate an audit based on the new major requirements.  When running the What-if audit, you must select a degree, catalog term and major with any minors or concentrations. A What-if audit does not guarantee the student will be accepted into the major, the student will need to submit a declaration of major.
  • Can advisors view a student's What-If audit?
    • No. Advisors can only view a What-if audit if printed. What-if audits are not stored in Degree Works.
  • Will grades be viewable in Degree works?
    • Yes. However, any changes during the current day will be viewable the next business day.
  • Can students view a list of all of classes taken?
    • Yes. Click the Class History link on the worksheet tab to view transfer and courses taken at Fayetteville State University.

      For any questions not addressed in this FAQ, contact your Academic Advisor, Department Chair, or Dean.

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