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What is an FN grade?
An FN grade is issued by an instructor to a student is failing the class due to non attendance. This grade was reinstituted fall 2007. This grade is issued to graduate and undergraduate student for any course the student is failing due to non attendance and has the same effect as an "F" grade.

My GPA is not correct
Have all your grades been posted?  You could be viewing your GPA at at time when the 3 step grading process has not yet completed or all grades have not been submitted by the instructor. Use the GPA calculator on our website as well.

Withdrawing from classes
If you are trying to withdraw from all your classes, you must withdraw from the University for the semester. You can return the next semester without reapplying. If we see you have all Ws for grades, we will withdraw you from the university for that semester effective the date you withdrew from the last class.

Withdrawing from the University
If for some reason you are not able to complete the semester, a student will withdraw from all classes using the Withdraw from Semester option. The student will receive a final grade of WU in all classes. The student will be able to return to the university the next semester without having to reapply for admissions.

I have an Incomplete "I" grade - What do I do?
An "I" grade must be removed before the expiration of the first nine weeks of the student's next regular semester (fall or spring) of enrollment, or within 12 months of the last day of the semester or term in which the "I" grade was assigned. If the "I" grade is not removed within the stipulated time, the grade will be converted to "F".  Students are responsible for initiating the actions necessary to remove the "I" grades.

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