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Spring 2018 Registration Date:

November 6 - January 12:

Pre/Regular Registration

January 13 - January 19: 

Late Registration


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Registration Process

NOTE: It is important to check your FSU e-mail account. Students are responsible for reading their email on a regular basis to remain aware of important information disseminated by the university. If your mailbox is full, you will not be able to receive nor send email.

Pre-Registration for the Spring 2018 opens on November 6, 2017. All undergraduate students will be required to enter an ALTERNATE PIN number to complete registration. You must contact your advisor to receive an Alternate PIN. You will not be able to register without your ALTERNATE PIN. This process does not affect graduate-level students.


The ALTERNATE PIN is a 6-digit number that is assigned to each undergraduate student. This PIN number is given to you by your advisor and is used by you to complete your registration process. You will not be able to complete your registration without it.

How do I get my ALTERNATE PIN? 

  1. Contact your advisor by phone or e-mail.
    1. Who is my advisor?
      Take the following steps:
    2. Log into your Banner account
    3. Click on Student and Financial Aid
    4. Click on Student Records
    5. Click on View Student Information & Advisor
    6. Select the current term
      Your advisor is listed under the Primary Advisor field. 
    7. I do not have an advisor listed. What do I do?
      Have you declared a major?
      1. Yes, I have. You must contact the department chair of your major
      2. Yes, I have, but I take all my classes online.
        You may communicate with your advisor via email to review the appropriate courses you must complete. The advisor can provide the Alternate PIN by email and use the email correspondence in the place of the Advisor Verification Form.
      3. No, I have not. You must contact the Transfer and Advisement Center
      4. No, I have not because
        1. I am Teacher Licensure Student
          You must go to the department in which you are seeking licensure
        2. I am a Special Visiting Student
          You must contact the Office of Summer School
        3. I am an Undergraduate Professional Development Student
          You must contact the Graduate School for consultation
  2. Complete the Advisement Verification Form
    What is the Advisement Verification Form?
    It is a form that is completed by the student, listing the classes you intend to register for. It is then reviewed and discussed by you and your advisor. Your advisor will issue your ALTERNATE PIN after the review. You and the advisor will then sign the form. You will keep the top copy, the advisor will keep one and distribute the other to the department chair.
    1. Where do I get the Advisement Verification Form?
      You can pick up a copy of the form from your department chair, Transfer and Advisement Center, Office of the Registrar or download it.

Please note: The Office of the Registrar cannot issue Alternate PINs nor will we serve as surrogate advisors. The Transfer and Advisement Center counselor cannot issue alternate pins for students who are not officially assigned to them as advisors.


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