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S.A.C.S. - Supporting Accreditation Compliance Self-Study

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Board of Trustees
  • Dr. Shirish Devasthali, Physical Resources
  • Dr. Lucy Vidal-Barreto, Faculty
  • Dr. Ruth Dial Woods, Library and Other Learning Resource
  • Mrs. Juanita Pilgrim, Financial Resources
  • Ms. Sylvia Ray, Governance and Administration
  • Mr. John Brown, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Mr. Terence Murchison, Educational Programs
  • Mrs. Linda Lee Allan, QEP
  • Mr. Jerry Dean, Graduate and Post Baccalaureate Professional Studies
  • Dr. John Griffin, Mission Statement
  • Mrs. Gloria Moore Carter, Governance and Administration

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Committees and Meetings


Institutional Mission Committee
Dr. Bertha H. Miller, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives

Governance and Administration Committee
Dr. Perry Massey, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Professor of Geography

Institutional Effectiveness Committee
Dr. Sam Adu-Mireku, Associate Professor of Sociology

All Educational Program Committee
Dr. Dianne White-Oyler, Professor of Government & History

Undergraduate Programs Committee
Dr. Rollinda Thomas, Assistant Professor, Department of Performing & Fine Arts

Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Professional Programs Committee
Dr. Joseph Johnson, Professor of Educational Leadership (Term ended 12/15/2010)

Faculty Committee
Dr. Terri Moore-Brown, Department Chair, Social Work

Library and Other Learning Resources Committee
Dr. Booker T. Anthony, Coordinator of the Honors Program, Associate Professor of English

Student Affairs and Services Committee
Dr. Pius Nyutu, Assistant Professor Psychology

Financial Resources Committee
Dr. Pamela Jackson, Assessment Coordinator, Asst. Dean School of Business and Economics

Physical Resources Committee
Ms. Juanette Council, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Writing Committee
Dr. Marsha McLean, Director, Strategic Planning and Special Initiatives

Logistics Committee
Mr. Ben Minter, Director of Marketing and Events, University Communications

Quality Enhancement Plan Committee
Dr. Geraldine Munn, Assistant Dean, School of Education (Term ended 11/30/09)

Steering Committee
Dr. Marion Gillis-Olion, SACS Liaison and Self-Study Director, Academic Affairs

A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina