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J.W. Seabrook Auditorium

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Contact Info: 

Antoinette Fairley

Dwight Thompson

Richard Barber
(Cell) 910-672-2176

Technical Specifications


Lighting Equipment

ETC Expression 3 Console
400 Channels, 24 Submasters, 1,536 Dimmers
600 Cues, 500 groups
Two 15" Monitors

House/Work lights:
Controllable via ETC Expression 3 console or E-Panel
House Lighting System

30 ETC 575W Source Fours @ 19°
30 ETC 575W ETC Source Fours @ 26°
12 ETC 575W ETC Source Fours @ 36°
8 ETC 575W ETC Source Fours @ 50°

Par Cans:
30 ETC 575 W Source Four PAR w/Color Frame & Lens Set
(Enhanced Aluminum)

Scoops and Floods:
8 Altman Q-Lite Jr. w/Color Frame, snoot-Color Frame

Border and Cyc Lights
6 Altman GC-8 - 8 Cell Ground Cyc w/Color Frame
6 Altman Sky Cyc 4 - 4 Cell Sky Cyc

Follow Spots:
2 Lycian Model 1267 SuperArc 400 Long Throw

Sound Equipment

Mixing Console:
Allen & Heath ML3000 32 Mixing Console
32 Mic/line inputs with inserts and direct outputs
2 Dual Stereo line inputs, Left, Right and Centre
outputs with inserts, 4 Groups, 8 Auxes with faders,
rotaries and inserts, 8 VCA groups with mutes, 4 Audio
groups with LCRplus sub grouping

Sound Equipment

Sound Booth:
5 Juice Goose JG 8.0L Power Distribution Centers w/
light modules
1 Sennheiser SI 1015/NT Rack Mount 2 Channel
1 Lectrosonics AM8TC Automatic Microphone Mixer
1 ROLLS MX 54S ProMix Plus 3 Channel Stereo Microphone
1 Crown IQ-USM 810 Ultra Series Digital Processor -
Digital Mixer
2 Rane SM 26B Splitter Mixer
1 Rane VP 12 - 12 Voice Processor
1 Rane CP 64 Commercial Processor
2 Clear Com PL Pro MS-440 4-channel Main Station
1 Custom Remote Switching Sequential Power Controller
1 ADC PPI1223RSAR 2X24 Video Patchbay 1 Hubble CAT5E-24 Port Patchbay
2 Atlas SACS-1F Sequential Switch System
2 Altas RWL-1 Rack Work Light
2 Shure U124D/87 Dual Channel UHF Wireless System
2 DBX-166XL Dual Compressor/Limiter/Gate
1 Lexicon MPX1 Multiple Effects Processor
1 Alesis MasterLink ML-9600 High Resolution Disk
1 Denon DN-C635 CD player
1 Sony MDS E-12 Mini Disc Recorder
1 Ashly Protea System II - 4.24RD Digital
Equalizer/System Processor/Remote Control
2 Ashly Protea System II - 4.24GS Four Channel Graphic
Equalizer/System Processor Slave
1 Allen & Heath RPS11 Power Supply Unit
1 E-Panel Furnished by 11961 w/pigtail
2 Mackie HR824 Active 2-Way Studio Monitors / LF
150W-350W peak HF 100W-210W peak

Additional Equipment:

2 Sennheiser SZI1015 Infrared Emitter Panel
2 Sennheiser SZI1029 Infrared Emitter Panel 4 Sennheiser MD 421-II Dynamic Microphone
1 Sennheiser HD 25 SP Studio Monitor Dynamic Headphone
40 Sennheiser RI250 Wideband Infrared Stethoset
4 Sennheiser RI250-J Wideband Infrared Stethoset
4 Sennheiser EZT1011 Introduction Neck Loop
4 Shure Beta 57A Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone
6 Shure Beta 58A Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone
1 Shure Beta 52 High Output Dynamic Kick Drum
2 Clear Com GM-18 Gooseneck Microphone
10 Clear Com RS-501 One Channel Beltpack
2 Clear Com CC-260R Double Ear Headset
8 Clear Com CC-95 Single Ear Headset
4 Crown PCC-160 Phase Coherent Cardioid Microphone
4 Pro-Co DB1 Direct Boxes 

General Stage and Theatre Information

Width at Proscenium Opening:

42' -0"

Depth from Plaster line

28' -0"

Height of Proscenium Opening:

22' -0"

Depth of Apron

3' -8"

Wing Space SR:

17'-2" (Fly Rail)

Wing Space SL

17' -2"

Dimensions and Description of Crossover Space:

79' -0" x 39'-5"



Stage Floor Type:

Hard Wood



Stage Floor Color:

Natural/Blood Wood



Depth of Pit at Audience Level:

6' -0"



House Capacity Breakdown:

Orchestra = 723

Balcony = 395

Total = 1132

Handi-Cap Accessibility:

Yes 14 (seated spaces)




Backstage Layout

Loading Dock Location:

Back of the Auditorium

Access to Loading Dock from the Street:



Loading Dock Access to the stage level:

Yes, 4' -0" from Street Door Opening: 8' -0" W 10' -0" Tall

Obstructions in Backstage:


Dressing Rooms:

3 Dressing Rooms located backstage.


In addition to the dressing room bathrooms there are 2 full restrooms backstage as well.


Miscellaneous Info


2 bathrooms with showers 1. between two of the rooms the other in the private dressing room.


Yes, located in one of the dressing rooms.

Projection Screens:

2 white screens




Yes,1 Water Based

Marley Dance Floor: Black



Equipment (Rail, Sound & Light)

Light Board:

ETC Expression III

Location of Board:

Control Booth; Back of House

Dimmers/ Circuits Available:


Stage Pin or Twist-lock:

Stage Pin

Leg, Borders:

Black, 5 Sets, Brand New(BN)

Travelers and Full Stage Soft Goods:

Bi-Directional Black, No Fullness,1set,BN Bi-Directional Blue, Yes Fullness,1set, BN

Cyc, Scrim, Bounce:

Scrim (White, Not Seamed, 1 Set, BN) Cyc (White, Not Seamed, 1 Set, BN)

Main Curtain: Info

Travel, Blue, Opens from the SR, Manual

Rail/ Fly System: How many linesets? How many electrics? Where is the Rail operated? Type of Rail System? Flown Orchestra Shell? Which side is rail operated from?

29 4 SR Floor Counter Weight Yes SR Stage Floor

Back Wall:


Sound Info:


JBL-AM 4212/95, 2

JBL-AM 4215/95, 2


Shure-Beta 58A, 6 Shure-Beta 57A, 4 Shure-Beta 52A, 1


Alesis ML 9600 CD/Rec/Player, 1, BN Denon DEN-DN-C630 CD Player, 1, BN


Allen Heath ML 3000, 32 Channels, outside Source need XLR or ¼ Bal Phone

EQ, Compressor, etc:

Rane VP 12, 1, BN


Clear Com

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