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The mission of Student Health Services (SHS) is to provide quality cost effective health care and health educational services that supports students in creating better physical, emotional, and social health outcomes. SHS strives to promote and maintain conditions that are conducive for healthy living, guide and encourage students to accept health as a positive value of life, and stimulate an interest in students to make healthy choices.  Student Health Services works to assist students in developing a solid foundation for healthy lifestyles practices to improve current and future health outcomes. 

Activities of Student Health Services are carried out with special emphasis on the promotion of good bio-psycho-social health care. SHS serves as the student's initial contact for the assessment of health problems or concerns and each health care visit is used as an opportunity for health education.



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Student Health Services (SHS) is located in the Spaulding Building.  SHS provides a variety of health care services to the student population. Students enrolled at FSU pay a Health Services Fee as part of their tuition each semester. Students currently assessed the student health fee are eligible for health care services.*  Treatment of minor illnesses and minor injuries are provided. Students needing referrals for specialized services are referred to local area clinics and hospitals. Upon referral, the student is responsible for all charges not covered by their personal insurance plan and/or their Student Medical Insurance Plan (Student Blue).

Please Note: The student health fee is not the same as the cost associated with the Student Medical Insurance Plan (Student Blue).

*Current immunizations are required for services*


In order to give satisfactory service to each student, the Student Health Services' staff desires the cooperation of each student in adhering to Student Health Policies. ALL students who have a medical problem or question are invited to consult the Student Health Services' staff.  On each visit to Student Health Services, a valid Fayetteville State University Identification Card must be presented prior to treatment and/or services.

A nurse is always on duty during hours of operation. Medical Provider hours for routine treatment are posted but may vary during summer sessions.  The doors to the Student Health Services are locked after 5 pm for security purposes. After hours, students can contact Health Line Blue at 1-877-477-2424 for non-life threatening issues.  For any life threatening emergency students should contact 911, Campus Police, or the Residence Hall Advisor/Director.

Available services include:

  • Acute Medical Care
  • GYN, PAP Smear
  • HIV/STI Testing
  • Breast Exams
  • Laboratory
  • Contraceptives
  • Pharmacy
  • B-Well - Bronco Wellness



Medical Excuses

Medical excuses are given only when the Medical Provider deems it medically necessary.  An appointment with Student Health Services does not mandate a medical excuse.  Medical excuses are not issued for missed class time.  Therefore, students are strongly encouraged not to schedule appointments during class time.



In emergency situations, the Emergency Medical System (911) will be activated for students who require it. The student will be responsible for charges or bills for EMS/ambulance services not covered by their medical insurance. Student Health Services is equipped to serve students in the Spaulding Building and cannot accommodate students in the residence halls or in classrooms. The Student Health Services' staff does not respond to medical calls outside of the facility. Students with OFF Campus appointments are responsible for arranging their own transportation and receiving a referral as needed from Student Health Services.


Medical Records

Student medical records are available only to the professional staff of SHS and are considered confidential and privilege.  Records may only be released with written permission by the student. Records are retained for eleven years after the student leaves the University and subsequently are destroyed.


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