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Six Reasons to Choose FSU

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FSU provides a nurturing, supportive, and safe learning environment.

With a 19-to-1 average student-to-faculty ratio, students have an opportunity to interact with their instructors inside and outside the classroom.

A national study, Documenting Effective Educational Practices (DEEP), cited FSU as "a remarkably nurturing and supportive institution that takes seriously its responsibility for total 'personal development.'"

Numerous student-centered activities and resources, such as the Center for Personal Development, the Freshman Seminar Program, Student Academic Services Center, and many others promote student learning and personal development.

Campus improvements in lighting, emergency call boxes, and new sprinkler systems in the residence halls reflect the university's aggressive efforts to ensure campus safety. The university has one of the lowest crime rates of any institution in the UNC system.

A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina