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Six Reasons to Choose FSU

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FSU has one of the most diverse campus communities in the nation.

In light of the shortage of minorities and women in fields like medicine, teaching, and scientific research, the university celebrates the accomplishments of all of its diverse graduates and is proud to be cited as a top producer of African-American graduates in North Carolina and the nation, the number one producer of mathematics master's degree graduates in the country, and 54th among all institutions of higher education in producing African-American baccalaureate degree holders. (From Black Issues of Higher Education).

With one of every four graduates non African-American and a highly diverse faculty, FSU is committed to serving students of diverse races, ages, and life experiences.

A national study offered the following conclusion about diversity at FSU: "FSU's focus on diversity transcends issues of race and gender; there is also an emphasis on understanding differences in age and ability. In the classroom, faculty purposes use group work as an opportunity for students to interact with people from different social and racial backgrounds. (Project DEEP report)

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