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In today’s modern and complex world, people often find themselves making multiple career changes throughout life. Graduate training in sociology will provide a solid foundation for flexible career development. Sociology offers a rich source of diverse conceptual frameworks into which the most pressing issues of our times can be placed. Sociological graduate training also provides a valuable set of reasoning and communication skills and a powerful set of methodological tools with which to study the issues and problems of modern social life.

Department of Sociology offers a 36-credit M.A. program in Sociology with a non-thesis option in addition to the traditional thesis/practicum options. We also offer a 18-credit Graduate Certificate in Sociology. Please note that a graduate certificate program is not eligible for financial aid. For details, please contact us.

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MA Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcome 1: Students will demonstrate knowledge of advanced micro and macro sociological theories and skill in integrating sociological theories and concepts in the analysis of social issues.

Program Learning Outcome 2: Students will apply advanced research methods and statistical techniques in the analysis of social issues.

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Graduate Admissions

Dr. Akbar Aghajanian
Coordinator of M.A. Sociology Program

Phone: (910) 672-2927/1122

Dr. Akbar Aghajanian

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