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Graduate Program Overview

Why earn an advanced degree in sociology?

In today’s modern and complex world, people often find themselves making multiple career changes throughout life.  Graduate training in sociology will provide a solid foundation for flexible career development. Sociology offers a rich source of diverse conceptual frameworks into which the most pressing issues of our times can be placed.  Sociological graduate training also provides a valuable set of reasoning and communication skills and a powerful set of methodological tools with which to study the issues and problems of modern social life.


Why earn your M.A. degree from FSU’s Department of Sociology?
  • Our students receive individualized attention at every stage in the program.
  • We offer advanced training in theory, data analysis, research methodology, and social statistics.
  • The focus of our program is the application of knowledge and research skills.
  • Faculty members in the department represent a broad spectrum of teaching and research interests—health, disparities, demography, family, deviance, and aging.
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