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Dr. Ashok JainName: Dr. Ashok Jain
Major: MBA

The promise of returning home and opening a hospital, made to a father 18 years ago, has now been fulfilled. After earning a medical degree at the age of 22, Dr. Ashok Jain dreamed of building a hospital in his native India. However, with a brand new medical degree and very little experience, he knew he was not qualified to open and run a hospital and would therefore have to wait. But he did not wait quietly. Dr. Jain moved from India to the U.S. in 1994 with hopes of obtaining additional education, expanding his experiences, and increasing his financial opportunities.

In 2002, one year after moving to Fayetteville, NC, Dr. Jain joined Fayetteville State University's MBA Program in pursuit of the educational foundation needed to assist him in turning his entrepreneurial ideas into successful business ventures. By August 2003, he had opened his first practice, Hope Mills Pediatrics. Currently, he operates four practices in the Fayetteville area and plans to open a fifth in Spring Lake later this year. But this is just a part of Dr. Jain's entrepreneurial success, within three months Dr. Jain will open a 200-bed, $12 million for-profit hospital in India. A portion of the profits will be set aside and used to offer free or low cost medical services to the poor. Dr. Jain asserts, "You got to give it back in some way. The best way to do that is to enable and empower people, and that way you give back to society and they in turn will help the society."

Every few weeks Dr. Jain commutes between Fayetteville and India to oversee operations in both areas. Frequently, Jain stops by Fayetteville State University to bounce ideas around with Dr. Assad Tavakoli, Dean of the School of Business and Economics. When speaking about earning his MBA degree from FSU in 2004, Dr. Jain stated "It really helped me open up my vision and what I can do and what my abilities were."

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