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Cherine StoneName: Cherine Stone
Hometown: Lumberton
Major: Music Education with a minor in Business Administration

Lumberton High School graduate, Cherine Stone describes her decision to attend Fayetteville State University as a "process". She recalled the life changing moment, "I didn't want to leave my home church, and I wanted to stay near my mother and my sister. I considered going to North Carolina Central University, but when I held both acceptance letters in my hand, something about FSU just popped out, and I got excited about FSU."

And she's been excited about FSU ever since! She especially shows enthusiasm when she speaks of her involvement with the Student Government Association. The sophomore expressed, "I learned so much from being in the organization that I have grown as an individual. I have worked not only for myself but for the enhancement of student life. I have met such wonderful and influential people through this organization, and I love every sleepless night of it!"

In fact, the SGA position in which she serves was created specifically with Cherine in mind. As director of volunteers, she coordinates the activities for volunteers and "makes sure they don't get bored". She explained, "Last year, we had a number of volunteers, but we lost a lot of them because we didn't have anyone to manage them and keep them active."

As a volunteer during that time, Cherine was one of few that stuck it out and "hung around", so when the position was created, she seemed liked the perfect fit. "I feel that because of my passion and drive to be involved and help others I was chosen to be the director of volunteers. If I would have given up or sat down and complained about everything, I would have never been offered the opportunity," she stated.

Even though she possesses a strong spirit of volunteerism, Cherine knows she has to balance it all and designate time for herself. She recommends, "Advice that I would give other students about meeting the demands of academic life, social life and extracurricular activities would be to prioritize everything. Academics should always come first, and then follows extracurricular activities and your social life. Don't ever forget about yourself, and do not allow yourself to get so wrapped up in one thing that you don't have time be successful in every area of your life."

In the meantime, this future music teacher is enjoying "finding her own way" as a proud Bronco! Make no mistake; she is confident about whom she is and the choices she makes as a responsible young adult.

"I love this school! There is no other school greater than Fayetteville State University, and I could not have chosen a better place to get a higher education."

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