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Division of Student Affairs

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Our Goal

The goals of Student Affairs are: to provide programs, services and events that promote cultural enrichment and development; to collaborate with academic units and utilize Experiential Learning opportunities to enhance students’ productivity; and to maintain a campus environment that encourages social diversification while promoting interpersonal interaction.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the division is that student development is an on-going and cumulative process of intellectual, psychological, cultural, social, and spiritual growth. This growth and development is shaped by a student’s involvement outside the classroom and is a valuable part of the collegiate learning experience.

Administrators & Staff


Title Office Phone (910) Email:
Dr. Janice J. Haynie Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Collins, Suite 202 672.1211 Email
Dr. H. Juanette Council Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Business Manager for Student Affairs Collins, Suite 202 672.1201 Email
Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Director of Student Conduct Rudolph Jones Student Ctr. Suite, 211 672.1788 Email
Mr. Greg Moyd Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Collins, Suite 202 672.1201 Email
Mr. Curtis Street Director of Career Services Center  Rudolph Jones Student Ctr. Suite 223 672.1100 Email
Mr. Fred Sapp Director Center for Personal Development Spaulding Infirmary, 163 672.1222 Email
Mr. Elliot Williams Director of Intramurals Lilly Gym, 206 672.2917 Email
Mr. Julian Capel Director of Student Engagment Rudolph Jones Student Ctr. Suite, 227 672.1166 Email
Director of Health Services Spaulding Infirmary, 121 672.2601 Email
Courtney Thompson Director of Residence Life Williams Hall 106 672.2116


Office Staff:

Name Title Office Phone (910) Email:
Mrs. Tia'Wana Jackson Business Process Coordinator Collins, 212 672.2567 Email
Mr. Clifford A. Parker Administrative Assistant Collins, Suite 202 672.1211 Email
Ms. Dara Colón Social Media Coordinator Collins, Suite 202 672.1340


Mr. Danny Wooten Programming Assistant Rudolph Jones Student Center, 104 672-1713 Email


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