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Disabled Student Services

Fayetteville State University's increasing number of students who are non-resident, non-traditional, or physically disabled, necessitates a corresponding increase in special services to accommodate the needs of these students.

It is the policy of Fayetteville State University that any person with a disability disabilities may NOT be discriminated against on the basis of her or his disability.

Fayetteville State, with its commitment to the development of self-esteem and dignity in all members of the academic community, will provide reasonable accommodations to a student with a disability.

The Center for Personal Developments offers personal support to students with disabilities. Counselors are available to discuss scheduling classes. Additional services include pre-admission information, orientation, accessibility information, and information about study skills and testing techniques. This program will also assist in making reasonable accommodations related to campus life. Working in close contact with other areas of the University as well as community agencies and organizations, the program works to enrich the educational opportunities offered to students with disabilities. Students with disabilities who wish to receive assistance from the university should register with the Center for Personal Development at the beginning of each semester.

Individuals needing assistance from the University Center for Personal Development should complete the Services for Students with Disabilities form and return it to Mr. Fred Sapp at the Center for Personal Development, located in the Spaulding Building. The Center For Personal Development office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mon-Fri. The telephone number is (910) 672-1222.

Several procedures and guidelines have been established to assist students with disabilities in meeting their needs. Additional procedures and guidelines will be established as needed and existing procedures and guidelines will be periodically evaluated.

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