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Academic Questions

Are grades mailed to parents as well as the student?
Federal Law protects all grades. The Academic Records Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act provides this discretion to all students 18 or older. A student may however sign a Release of Confidential Information Consent form concerning a student’s personal information, such as grades, class attendance and other academic progression standards.

If a student is not sure of what he/she wants to major in, or if their area of interest is not offered here at FSU, what services are provided as a recourse?
If a student is unsure of their major, consider your interest, check the university catalog and match your selections with the major that most relates to the options given to you. If you discover that your area of interest is not taught at FSU, find out where your area of interest is offered and prepare to transfer. Find out which courses will transfer from FSU and take the “transferable” courses at FSU before transferring.

What services are provided to assure job placement for FSU graduates?
The Career Services Center offers the opportunity to interview for full-time positions by encouraging companies to come to the university to interview. The office will FAX resumes to companies, at the student’s request, and keep students informed on the progress of interviewing possibilities. When interview schedules are available, students are encouraged to sign up for interviews through the office, or through These interviews are scheduled on a first-come basis, and the student must meet the criteria set by each company in which they are interested. Students must also meet the criteria set by the Career Services Center. That criteria is as follows:

  • Students must register with the Center. (Students must complete a Placement Packet).
  • Students must have completed three of the required Center workshops.

All full-time job listings are posted on the job boards outside the Center. These listings are available to all students as well as alumni. If a company is not interviewing at the university, the Career Services Center will note on the job listings how to submit resumes to the company. The office also provides company literature for students to review prior to interviewing, workshops and seminars to aide in career development, as well as sponsoring several career fairs during the year.

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