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Residence Life and Housing

In the residence halls, are the beds regular size?
Beds are a little longer. Flat sheets, not fitted are suggested to assure that linens fit.

Are students allowed to have pets?
The only pets permitted are fish. This policy is strictly enforced.

Are there restrictions on appliances in the residence halls?
Yes. Students are only permitted to have compact size microwave ovens and refrigerators under four (4) cubic feet.

Are there computer hook-ups and internet access in rooms?
Yes. Every student has computer capability and internet access in individual rooms.

Are residence halls locked at night?
Yes, a key is needed for entry.

Are the residence halls air conditioned?
Yes. All rooms are air conditioned.

Is there a fee for telephone access?
There is no fee for local phone calls…..Long distance calls require a phone card.

Are paper products provided in the dormitory?
Yes. There are paper products provided in limited quantities. Students are encouraged to use paper goods sparingly and make provisions accordingly.

Are students orientated on the consideration of others and their hygiene requirements, since they will be sharing a living space?
Yes. Programs are designed to assist students with their physical, social and educational

Define “Visitation” in association with the dormitory.
Co-ed- males/females are allowed to visit during an established time period. Freshman visiting hours are Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7:00 PM to 12:00 midnight. There are also options available for those students who request “limited” to “no” visitation.

What Safety measures are taken in the residence halls? Are there room inspections?
The residence halls have security officers that work in conjunction with FSU police. There is a Resident Assistant available to students at all times. Depending upon the situation, safety inspections may be done.

Is there a curfew for students living in the residence halls?
There is no official curfew for students. Students are encouraged to use discretion whenever
they leave campus. If they plan to have an extended stay, we ask that they inform the Resident Hall Director or Resident Assistant of their plans.

Are there co-ed halls? If so, what level of supervision is provided?
A co-ed hall that may house both male and female students are totally separated. Females are in one section of the building and males in another. They are monitored and supervised by Resident Assistants.

Will students be allowed to have the same roommate throughout the four years?
Yes. That would be optional for the students involved with approval from the Residence Life

Will students be allowed to change roommates if there is a serious problem?
Yes. There is a two week window. In the event that there is an issue, the hall director will
determine the outcome in the best interest of the students,’ which may involve a change of room assignment.

How many students are assigned to one room?
There are two students per room. There are a few triple rooms available.

Are Tutors allowed to come to halls?
Yes, through university channels, programs are designed to provide tutoring to those students who request it.

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