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Summer School

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FSU degree-seeking students are required to take at least six (6) hours per summer session in order to be eligible for financial aid during Summer School.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to call or email the Office of Summer School for assistance.

  1. Should I apply as a special visiting or professional development student?
  2. What is the NC Residency Determination Service (RDS)?
  3. How many credit hours can I take? 
  4. Where can I find a Course Overload Request Form?
  5. Are special visiting students required to provide proof of immunization?
  6. How do I log into Banner?
  7. What is the deadline for paying for my courses?
  8. How do I pay my bill?
  9. Am I eligible for financial aid?           
  10. Where do I obtain my textbooks?
  11. Is housing an option during the summer?
  12. Are your dining facilities open in the summer?
  13. How do I obtain a parking permit? (A new permit is required each summer).
  14. How do I get network access for Bronco email? **Log in daily for up-to-date information.**
  15. How do I log into Canvas?
  16. What are the hours of operation for the library during the summer?
  17. Where do I get a Bronco card? (A new bronco card is required each summer).
  18. Why is there a Hold on my account?
  19. Where can I find a Course Withdrawal Form? NOTE: The Office of Summer School will approve as Advisor for Special Visiting students.
    (If you are dropping all classes, even if it's only one, this is classified as a university withdrawal).
  20. I am not familiar with FSU's campus. Where can I find the campus map?
  21. I am receiving a Registration Add Error message when I attempt to register for a class. What should I do when I receive this message?
  22. What is the university's policy on class attendance?
  23. After I've completed my classes, how do I request a transcript so that my grades will transfer back to my home institution?
  24. Where can I find the Summer School Financial Aid application?
  25. How do I reset/change my network password?


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