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Cohort I

Army-FSU MSW Cohort I is on the go!
Volunteers for the Intrepid Mini-Triathlon for Wounded Warriors

fort sam 2014 cohort

The 2015-2016 cohort of the Army-Fayetteville State University Master of Social Work students and their families donned their running shoes to help fight social injustice on Saturday, March 28.  The team participated in the Run 4 Hope 5K benefiting The San Antonio, Texas Rape Crisis Center. The funds gained will help to bring awareness to the issue of sexual assault.

The team consisted of (from left to right) CPT Sam Ochinang and sons Tyler and Aaron, 1LT Kathryn Helland, 2LT Tae Kim, CPT Nickalous Korbut, ENS Clara Hoverman, ENS Caroline Gray, 2LT Devon Pilarowski and son Gavin, 2LT Shawna Politte, 1LT Ashley Thropp, and 2LT Patricia Mashburn and husband John (not pictured).

MSW students worked together to support the San Antonio Food Bank mission to fight hunger in Southwest Texas! On 3 February 2017, the students of the Army-FSU MSW Program volunteered at the San Antonio Food Bank. Students worked together to spread mulch and plant trees in "the Garden" to grow food for future distribution to Southwest Texas.  Students who participated were 2LT Sarah Bean, 2LT Priscilla Teixeira, 2LT Corey Williams, 2LT Rudy Torres, 2LT Gwendolyn Emmsley, 2LT Rene Espinosa, 1LT Jean Kirsten, CPT Angela Park, and CPT Karen Kirsten.

On 11 February 2017, the students of the Army-FSU MSW Program participated at the Missions Heritage Race in San Antonio, Texas. This race consisted of a 5K, 10K, and a half marathon. The students that participated in the race included: 1LT Robbins, 1LT Bergeron, CPT Park, 2LT Espinosa, 2LT Fallin, 1LT Legge, and 2LT Torres. 1LT Legge took 3rd place overall for males. 2LT Fallin took 1st place overall for females. CPT Park and 1LT Bergeron took 2nd and 3rd place for Females in the 20-29 age group.  2LT Espinosa took 3rd place for males in the 30-39 age group. 

Army Fayetteville MSW Program

The Fayetteville State University School of Social Work has partnered with the United States Army to establish a Master of Social Work Program at Fort Sam Houston, Texas in order to meet the military's increase demand for social work officers and Department of the Army civilian practitioners. >> Read More

Program Overview
  • Army MSW Program was created to serve as a force multiplier.
  • Program applicants are equipped to practice social work in a military community during their MSW and phase II internship
  • Program includes 2 phases:
    • Academic phase 1 (14 months)
    • Internship phase (26 months)
  • Students incur a 5 years and 2 months service obligation
  • Establish slots in the Army-Fayetteville State University (FSU) MSW program for active duty enlisted, commissioned officers, and civilians seeking to become active duty Army social work officers.
  • Compete with other USAREC accessions to fill up to 30 program slots.
  • All applications are reviewed by the USAREC selection board.

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The Army-FSU MSW program faculty members have produced journal articles, a book chapter and participated in and presented at several conferences and workshops. Congratulations to our faculty COL Jennifer Humphries, PhD, Director of the Army - FSU Master of Social Work Program, Dr. Freeman, Assistant Director; Navy CAPT Barry D. Adams, PhD; Larry Applewhite, PhD; Dr. Norma Jones; Mr. Reginald Howard; and LTC Tammy Fish, PhD for their contributions to the field of social work and evidenced based research. Their topics vary from leadership, stress, substance use, spirituality, and the battlefield.

Faculty members joined forces and presented at the 2015 March Social Work Month in-service, Fort Hood, TX.  COL Humphries presented Leadership Competencies in Military Social Workers and Dr. Freeman presented, Ethics and Supervision. CAPT Adams, addressed stress, Image to Action: Stress is your Body Telling you that you Don't know what to do Next. COL Humphries served on the board of the Third Annual Military Social Work Conference, University of Texas at Austin; she coordinated military social work presenters to include CAPT Adams who presented, Introduction to Military Culture: Invited Panel Discussion.  

COL Humphries illuminated the substance use disorders challenges of our service members and their families. Her presentations include Substance Use Disorders in the Military for the University of Kentucky and Impact of Substance Use Disorders on Families, San Antonio, Texas.  COL Humphries was invited to present Military Occupational Health Model to the University of Kentucky MSW program faculty and students.  

Dr. Freeman specializes in gatekeeping in social work programs and is a subject matter expert in the field of Christianity and Social Work. He contributed the chapter, "Gatekeeping in human services programs" for the book, Supporting Veterans in Higher Education a Primer for Administrators, Faculty, and Academic Advisors.  His recent work included, "Archetypal identification: An alternative for spiritual well-being assessment," Journal of Religion & Spirituality in Social Work and the presentation Embracing Spirituality in Clinical Supervision, 65th Annual Convention of the North American Association of Christians in Social Work.  Dr. Freeman also presented Using Family Circles in Substance Abusing Families, in the Army's Substance Abuse Program: Family Counseling Course, Fort Sam Houston, TX.  

CAPT Adams recently focused on the combat zone. CAPT Adams works include, Just show up: Building therapeutic relationships in combat zones; OEF Afghanistan 2010-2013, The Journal reflections: Narratives of professional helping. CAPT Adams conducted a FRED Talk lecture, Performance in the Warplace and Workplace at the Medical Education and Training Command (METC), Fort Sam Houston, TX.  

Dr. Jones participated, one of three NASW Pioneers, participated in a lecture and discussion at Catholic University on the History of Social Welfare Policy. Dr. Jones serves on the NASW Pioneers Executive Steering Committee and Program, Washington, DC.  

The United States Army Medical Department Journal, Oct - Dec 2014, featured articles written by behavioral health professionals.  The Army's leading social worker, COL Humphries and Mr. Howard, a retired Army Colonel, contributed to the journal, "Developing effective leadership competencies in military social workers." They postulate that the transformational leadership model when overlapped with developing military social work leaders "can impact and improve organizational performance in the healthcare delivery system." Dr. Applewhite and others addressed issues faced by Soldiers in unique positions on the battlefield, "The psychosocial challenges of conducting counterinsurgency operations." LTC Fish and others examined the relationship between deployment status, psychological distress, and perceived social support with Army spouse's weight status; "an unexpected finding was that male military spouses are more likely to be overweight or obese compared to females." The article is entitled, "The effect of deployment, distress, and perceived social support on Army spouses' weight status."  

Army-FSU MSW Program
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LTC Nathan Keller, PhD   

Deputy Director: 
Dr. Dexter Freeman    

CAPT Barry Adams, PhD 
LTC Tammy Fish, PhD 
Dr. Larry Applewhite 
Dr. James Georgoulakis
Mr. Reginald Howard 
Mr. John Orsingher    

SFC Jessica Pontbriant 
Ms. Wilma Ambrose 
Mrs. Sylvia Ashe

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