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Coordination Office for Title III Programs

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About Us

  • PART A - Strengthening Institutions Program
  • PART B - Strengthening Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Program (undergraduate) - Strengthening Historically Black Graduate Institutions (HBGI) Program
  • PART C - Endowment Challenge Grant Program >> Read More
  • Title III at FSU - An Overview [PPT]
The Title III Project

The general thrust of the fifteen activities that comprise the university's Title III Project is provided in the order of institutional priority. >> Read More


Fifty-one years ago the U.S. Congress recognized the critical need to assure that the benefits of a higher education be made accessible to everyone. >> Read More

What is Title III?

The Aid for Institutional Development programs (commonly referred to as the Title III programs) support improvements in educational quality, management, and financial stability at qualifying post secondary institutions. >> Read More

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