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About Us

Goals Overview

All students are part of the University College until they are admitted to a major degree program in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business and Economics, or the School of Education. The University College provides assistance to students from the time they enter the university until they complete the University College Core Curriculum and fulfill all requirements for unconditional acceptance into a major degree program. The University College seeks to provide an academic environment that will enable and motivate students of varied background to achieve academic success.

The goals of the University College are to assist all students in their transition to the university; to provide effective mentoring and advisement to students; to offer strong programs of academic support in reading, writing, mathematics, critical thinking, and the natural sciences; and to work with other academic units to ensure that students develop the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for success in all academic majors.

Programs and Services

To assist students in their transition to the university, The University College coordinates the Freshman Year Initiative (FYI). The University College is comprised of several academic support programs:

  • the Freshman Center
  • the Unversity College Week
  • the University College Club
  • the Learning Centers
  • the Freshman Seminar/University Studies Program

BroncoConnect allows faculty and staff to inform the student and their Success Network of academic dificulty and success.

A number of other FSU programs work closely with the University College to recruit and assist students, including:

  • Student Support Services,
  • The Educational Opportunity Centers Program,
  • Educational Talent Search, and
  • Upward Bound.


The University College assesses its programs through several measures: monitoring retention and graduation rates (for preliminary information about the 1996 freshman cohort graduation rate) and through the results of two surveys conducted in Freshman Seminar: the Freshman Seminar End of Year Survey and a Computer Usage Survey.  The University College works with University Testing Services to collect and review results from Student Satisfaction Surveys and the CLA+. The results of these assessment efforts are used each year in planning for the next academic year. We also use the Sophomore and Senior Survey Results and the UNC system-wide results from the Sophomore and Senior Surveys to assess the effectiveness of the University College.

A Constituent Institution of The University of North Carolina