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All sophomores who started at FSU as first-time freshmen must take a rising junior exam.

Second Year Initiative

Students in their second year at FSU have a resource: the Second Year Initiative (SYI). SYI is designed to assist undeclared students between the end of their first year and the point at which they are accepted into a major program. We do this in a variety of ways:

  • Second-Year Advisement: Undeclared students in good academic standing will continue to be advised by their former Freshman Seminar instructor. Students in academic difficulty will be advised by the SYI Coordinator.
  • Career Counseling: SYI works with Advisement and Career Services to provide guidance in choosing careers and majors. SYI organizes other events where second-year students can talk with advisors, faculty, and practitioners of different professions to help students gain more information about their career and major options.
  • Second-Year Events: SYI includes a number of events tailored to the specific needs of second-year students. These include celebrations and recognition of the achievements of second-year students.
  • Major Exploration: SYI works with students still trying to determine a major, or those who are not excepted into FSU's more competetive majors and need to determine a new major to explore.
For more information about SYI, contact:

Zelphia Hinnant-Jones, M.Ed.
Coordinator for Second-Year Initiatives
Office: Chick 131
Phone: 910-672-1639
Fax: 910-672-2115

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