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CLEP Testing for Military Personnel

U.S. FlagMilitary personnel may take CLEP exams without paying the exam fee ($70) at FSU. CLEP exams are funded by the military for members of the following groups:

  • Military personnel (Active Duty and Reserve) - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, Army Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Navy Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve, Army and Air National Guard
  • Eligible civilian employees and spouses of participating Reserve Component and Coast Guard personnel
  • Department of Defense Acquisition Personnel (only eligible for the following computer-based exams: Principles of Macroeconomics, Principles of Microeconomics and Principles of Marketing)

Service members are required to pay a registration fee of $ 25.00 to the FSU Test Center.

Examinee Funded/Not Funded Military ID

Active Duty Military

  1. Army
  2. Air Force
  3. Marine Corps
  4. Navy
  5. National Guard
  6. Reserve
  7. Coast Guard
Funded by DANTES (exam fee only)

Armed Forces of the United States

Spouses & Civilian Employees of:

  1. Air Force Reserve
  2. Air National Guard
  3. Army National Guard
  4. Army Reserve
  5. Coast Guard
Funded by DANTES (exam fee only) United States Uniformed Services
DoD Acquisition Workforce Personnel:
Eligible for following exams only:
Prin. of Microeconomics
Prin. of Macroenomics
Prin. of Marketing
Funded by DANTES (exam fee only) U. S. Government or state-issued ID
Retirees/Veterans NOT Funded

Spouses of other Active Duty Military:

Air Force Spouses
Army Spouses
Marine Corp Spouses
Marine Corps Reserve
Navy Spouses
Navy Reserve Spouses

NOT Funded
Dependants of Active Duty Personnel NOT Funded
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