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Profile Exams

What are Profile Exams?

Profile examinations, also known as placement tests,  are specifically designed to assess many of the important basic academic competencies students have mastered. The tests provide information about each student's level of achievement of the basic academic competencies in reading and mathematics that are required for success in most colleges. The information provided by the tests is useful in determining the kinds of courses students are prepared to take, and for placing students in the courses most suitable to their preparation.  Fayetteville State University uses the Accuplacer (CPTs and Companion) system for making placement decisions.  To learn more Accuplacer or about what your profile exam scores mean, click here.

Note:Profile Examination scores are valid for a four year period.

Who Takes Profile Exams?

All new students are required to take profile exams before registering for classes at FSU.   The only exceptions will be transfer students who transfer in 30 or  more hours of credit in university-level courses, including both English and mathematics, and those students who are non-degree seeking students such as those enrolling for teacher certification or life enhancement; or students who have permission from other institutions to enroll in FSU courses.

When Are Profile Exams Taken?

In most cases, students take profile exams during new student Orientation, before the first day of registration.  Profile exams are also scheduled regularly throughout the academic year.   For information regarding specific dates, call or visit FSU University Testing Services, 
116 Collins Administration Building, (910) 672 -1301.


New students entering Fayetteville State University take Computerized Placement Tests (CPTs) on-line using a system known as ACCUPLACER.  The CPTs measure skills  in Reading Comprehension, English (sentence skills), and Mathematics (arithmetic, algebra, and college level math).  Computer experience is not needed and tests are not precisely timed.

The Reading Comprehension Test contains questions of two primary types.  The first type consists of a reading passage followed by questions based on the content of the text.  The second type of question, sentence relationships, presents two sentences followed by a question about the relationship of the two sentences.

The Elementary Algebra Test includes operations with integers and rational numbers, operations with algebraic expressions, and the solution of equations, inequalities, and word problems.

The College-Level Mathematics Test assesses proficiency in intermediate algebra through pre-calculus.  Questions include algebraic operations, the solution of equations and inequalities, coordinate geometry, applications and other algebra topics, functions, and trigonometry.


Transfer students will not be required to complete profile examinations if ALL of the following conditions exist:

1. You are transferring in 30 or more credit hours;
2. You have earned at least 6 credit hours of university-level English; 
3. You have earned 6 credit hours of university-level mathematics

Transfer students who do not meet ALL of the above conditions are required to complete the profile examinations.  Failure to do so may delay your registration.  (If you are uncertain about whether you have met these conditions, you should go ahead and take the exams to avoid possible delays in the registration procedure.)

Special/Visiting students who do not plan to earn a degree at FSU are not required to complete profile exams UNLESS you plan to enroll in a mathematics or English course for which you have not completed the appropriate prerequisite.

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