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Emergency Numbers

You should call one of the following numbers to discuss your options: 

GMAT 952-681-3680
GRE 609-771-7670
NBPTS 800-532-1813
PRAXIS 609-771-7395
TOEFL 609-771-7100

Weather Emergencies

The Office of University Testing Services looks at every testing appointment as a commitment.  We strive to always be in place to honor our commitment to you and provide you with a premier testing environment that meets your needs while providing testing companies and providers the security that they require.  However, sometimes we are unable to test due to an emergency that is often beyond our control. 

Any time we are unable to administer a scheduled exam we take steps to alert affected examinees in a timely manner, but if you have not been contacted and still have questions either the evening prior to an exam or the morning of an exam please feel free to contact us. 

Of course in case of inclement weather conditions, or any natural emergency, some areas will be more affected than others, in which case all examinees are strongly urged to consider campus conditions and the weather conditions in their residential area, as well as law enforcement reports of road conditions, before making a decision whether to come to test.  Should your local conditions not permit you to test, please contact our office (910-672-1301) and we will aid you in your rescheduling efforts.

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