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Women's History Month

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Dr. Julianne Malveaux

Dr. Julianne MalveauxDr. Julianne Malveaux is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology -trained economist, writer and syndicated columnist whose weekly column appears nationally in over twenty newspapers through the King Feature Syndicate.  She writes monthly columns for USA Today and is the co-editor of Slipping Through the Cracks: The Status of Black Women, and the author of Wall Street, Mean Street and the Side Street: A Mad Economist Takes a Stroll. She is well-known for her guest appearances on national network television programs such as ABC's Politically Incorrect, PBS' Lehr News Hour and To The Contrary.  Dr. Malveaux has also been a commentator or expert guest-panelist on CNN, the Fox News Channel, MSNBC, C-Span and CNBC. Dr. Malveaux has taught economics, public policy and African-American Studies.  In 1998, she held the Sister Julie Catherine Cunningham Chair at the College of Notre Dame in San Mateo, California.  She was a faculty member at the University of California at Berkeley and an affiliated scholar at Stanford University. Her primary area of research focuses on the labor market and public policy and the impact of such policy on women and people of color.

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