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Classification and Compensation

Classification and Compensation

Classification and Compensation is responsible for working with University administrators to establish and maintain fair and equitable classification and salary decisions for the University's workforce. The unit maintains the integrity of the State of North Carolina's career banding program and EPA designations, as well as the Department of Labor's prescribed Fair Labor Standards Act regulations.  Position Management and Compensation provides services and consultation in the areas of organizational and position design; position review and analysis; consultation on departmental pay philosophies and strategies; compensation analysis; and salary adjustment approvals and monitoring.

Resources for Hiring Managers:

Establish SPA Position

Modify SPA Position         

Establish EPA Position                              

Modify EPA Position                     

Request Temporary/Acting Salary Adjustments       

Prepare PPA form to Establish Position (Sample-Complete highlighted sections)

Prepare PPA form to Modify Position (Sample-Complete highlighted sections)       

Prepare Organizational Chart -FSU Organizational Chart Standards



FSU Request for Salary Adjustment Form-Required for all salary increases 10% or more.  Submit for Chancellor and Board of Governors Approval.

Position and Personnel Action (PPA) Form-Required for position and personnel actions

Career-banding Position Description Form-Required to establish/revise SPA Positions

EPA Position Description Form-Required to establish/revise EPA Positions

ADA Checklist-Required to establish/revise SPA and EPA positions

Competency Assessment Form-Required only for SPA Positions



Career-banding profiles        

Career-banding salary rates

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